How To Recognize An Obsession With Appearance?

How To Recognize An Obsession With Appearance?
How To Recognize An Obsession With Appearance?

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Each person goes through the stages of growing up - childhood, adolescence and adulthood, at each stage of life the body changes. Often a person gets used to seeing himself in a certain form, and he reacts painfully to changes in any part of the body. The obsession with one's own appearance often affects women, but it also extends to men. Obsession with appearance is not a joke, but a serious problem with a negative impact on public and private life. You can recognize an obsession with your appearance by these signs.


Constant thoughts about surgical procedures

Everyone knows the disadvantages of plastic surgery - it is painful and quite expensive. If a person in terms of income cannot afford plastic, but constantly thinks about it, this is a sign of obsession with appearance. It is important to distinguish between procedures that are required, such as using a laser to remove facial hair, and those that are not.

Desperate desire to look like a teenager

Many women say they want to look like teenagers, but some take it too seriously. The danger begins when a person has unrealistic ideas about their body and expectations from the surgery. The obsessed patient will not trust his doctor, he will simply communicate his desires.

Everyone wants to look younger, but wanting to be a teenager again is a sign of narcissism.

Mirror attachment

As you know, mirrors are the best friends of women, but in some cases this friendship takes an unhealthy form of addiction. If you or someone you know spends too much time in front of the mirror, looking at your hair, face, body, then it is quite possible that we are talking about dependence on your appearance.

Thoughts about your appearance at all events

The obsessed person at every event will only think about how he looks, occasionally being distracted by the appearance of others for comparison. Such people do not know how to enjoy entertainment and family gatherings, they lose the ability to rest and relax.

Constant diets

There is nothing wrong with limiting your diet on unhealthy foods, but constant diets tell you that a person is obsessed. This fad is very dangerous, as a person begins to deprive his body of nutrition, lose muscle mass and earn serious diseases.

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Negative comments about your body

This is one of the most important signs that indicate a person's obsession. Such people do not know how to accept compliments, they constantly criticize themselves, often criticism affects the people around them.

Desire to be very thin

For some, an obsession with appearance manifests itself in a desire for excessive thinness. Such people not only follow too strict diets, but also exhaust themselves with excessively high physical exertion. Most often, they weigh themselves daily, as they are very afraid of gaining weight.

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