How To Lose Weight Without Giving Up Eating Habits

How To Lose Weight Without Giving Up Eating Habits
How To Lose Weight Without Giving Up Eating Habits

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Nutritionist Andrey Voronin is sure: a person should eat only to satisfy the feeling of hunger

Many people are concerned about weight loss today, regardless of gender, age or social status. There are many techniques and methods actively recommended by their supporters. But there is a certain nuance: quite often, nutritionists or fitness specialists themselves have never felt the need to lose weight, respectively, and have not tested their own recommendations on themselves.

For a long time I myself worked exclusively in the field of jurisprudence and had nothing to do with methods of losing weight. However, my own problems with being overweight led me to the fact that I became personally interested in dietetics, nutritional science and the psychology of our nutrition, analyzed all the existing options for losing weight. After all, I, a relatively young man, did not want to look like a voluminous fat man at all. I had to do something, and I developed my own dietary system - "DietLogic". The results were not long in coming: in 7 months I lost 30 kilograms, which was already a very good result.

First of all, I did not make any radical intervention in the human body, whether it was surgery or the constant use of dietary supplements.

Secondly, I didn’t give up my food preferences and habits. And I do not advise those who decide to follow my path. For example, do you like meat dishes? Please continue to eat them. Do you spoil yourself with flour products? Also okay. So how, then, does the new system help you lose weight? The thing is that it is based on the analysis and reassessment of your eating behavior, its reformatting.

Ideally, a person should eat to satisfy the feeling of hunger, but the constant chewing of chips while watching a movie or walking along the street, the consumption of one cup of tea with sugar one after another does not give satiety, but they form the habit of overeating, which inevitably leads us to excess weight.

Lifestyle also plays a role. If there is a tradition every time after work to go to a cafe, burger, restaurant and eat some kind of food there, supposedly accompanying the process of communicating with colleagues or a soul mate, then this tradition will lead to completeness, especially a person inclined to it. Try replacing this format of communication with a conversation over a glass of fresh water, or just a walk in the park. This is both healthier and you will get pleasure from the very process of communication, and not from the food you eat. Indeed, very often after such conversations in a cafe, we remember what we ate and drank, what spices were on the table, but we hardly remember the content of the dialogue.

Knowing why we need to eat and how to eat properly is the alpha and omega of overeating. Once a person begins to eat right, the results are not long in coming. If at the same time you still go in for sports, then this is just fine, and without physical training, the proper organization of nutrition will very soon give noticeable results.

The awareness of how to eat right comes in 1-2 days, and after 3-4 days, weight loss begins. As a result, the person is very pleased with both the end result and the fact that he did not have to exhaust himself, winding circles around the stadium, or giving up a number of tasty products.

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