Medicines That Could Cause Your Driver's License To Be Revoked

Medicines That Could Cause Your Driver's License To Be Revoked
Medicines That Could Cause Your Driver's License To Be Revoked

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MOSCOW, Dec 21 - PRIME. Loss of concentration, drowsiness, false positive drug tests - medications can affect drivers in different ways, and some of the medications are best avoided while driving to avoid losing your driver's license. In anticipation of the long holiday holidays, the website reminded motorists of those medications that may cause them problems.


To begin with, the instructions for use of most medical drugs always indicate their composition and recommendations for taking them, but a person without medical education is unlikely to figure out which of the complex chemical compounds can be dangerous. In addition, in many instructions there is a separate recommendation clause for driving. In the event that it says that it is not recommended to drive after taking a particular drug, you should heed this advice. The fact is that, possibly, the drug contains micro-doses of prohibited substances that will cause the deprivation of rights.

Head of the Department of Clinical Narcology at the Serbsky Center for Psychiatry and Narcology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Sergei Igumnov emphasized that “you should not neglect the instructions, especially if the doctor prescribed a new medication, and the driver does not yet know its effect. from depression and other mental disorders."

Izeta Yeloeva, a neurologist, head of the second advisory department of Medsi on Solyanka Street, noted that some groups of drugs are really not recommended for driving. These are mainly sedatives, antipsychotics, antidepressants, antihistamines and a number of pain relievers. All of them can have side effects in the form of loss of concentration.

Not only sedatives and sedatives can be dangerous from a driving point of view. Extremely unpleasant consequences can be after taking pills for allergies, powders for fever, antivirals, cough syrups and even nose drops - many medicines contain alcohol and drugs in small doses. For example, the known antiviral agent "Amiksin", for example, can show a false positive result for methamphetamine. And drugs containing codeine, and this is most cough syrups, test positive for morphine.


Codelac, Terpincod, Tedein, Coldrex Knight (cough and cold medicines containing codeine and phenylephrine); "Amiksin", "Tizin spray" (antiviral drugs with tilorone, which gives a false positive drug test); "Teraflu", "Fervex", "Foraine" (antipyretic for colds, which include phenylephrine, chlorphenamine, pheniramine); "Solpadein", "Nurofen plus", "Pentalgin-N", "Ketanov", "Spazmalgin" (painkillers containing codeine phosphate, caffeine, phenobarbital and ketorolac tromethamine dangerous for analysis for intoxication); "Tetralgin", "Andipal" (antispasmodics with phenobarbital and codeine); Tavegil, Suprastin, Claritin, Telfast (allergy medications that cause drowsiness and loss of attention); "Validol", "Corvalol", "Valoserdin" (sedatives prescribed for tachycardia, with phenobarbital in the composition).

In his comment to, Professor Igumnov explained that phenobarbital is one of the most dangerous substances. "This psychotropic is used in drops" Corvalol "and" Valocordin ".Sensitive medical equipment can detect a substance in human blood within two weeks after a single dose. But most antidepressants after adaptation of the body do not have a significant effect on driving. But at the first time of admission, I would recommend to observe yourself with great care, "said the professor.

Neurologist Izeta Yeloeva recalled that for Russian drivers, there is always a chance to prove their innocence by an additional check or to confirm the need and dosage of one or another medication with the recommendations of doctors. "Any accusations of drug use due to medication can be refuted. For example, Amiksin is a fairly common drug, especially in the current situation. Many take it just like that, for prophylaxis. Laboratory tests of the traffic police on the street can not always accurately determine microdoses of this medicine. Prescriptions and doctor's consultations can also help in such situations ", - concluded Eloeva.

Phenobarbital, as well as codeine, as well as many other substances, is included in the List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, approved by the Government Decree. If prohibited substances are found in the driver's materials, the traffic police inspector draws him on to Article 12.8 of the Administrative Code "Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs."

If the driver's actions do not contain a criminal offense, then the presence of drugs and alcohol in the blood is punishable by the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for a period of one and a half to two years.

To avoid a false analysis, many drivers try not to use drugs, and cope with pain and other ailments with folk remedies or drugs with a natural composition. According to the neurologist Yeloeva, it is possible to replace painkillers with such drugs, for example, for migraines and any other headache.

"You can use essential oils, ointments, which are commercially available." Exotic "remedies for various types of pain have a good effect. For example, containing snake venom. In this case, a person risks getting only an allergic reaction, but this is always unpredictable when using new drugs ", - advised Eloeva.

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