5 Ways To Lose Weight For The New Year And Even Enjoy The Process

5 Ways To Lose Weight For The New Year And Even Enjoy The Process
5 Ways To Lose Weight For The New Year And Even Enjoy The Process

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Louise Parker's diet


Another star nutritionist decided to reveal his cards and teach us how to live properly. In particular, it is Louise Parker who is thanked for the "miraculous transformation" of actress Emma Thompson, whom the media cannot admire (although not to say that she was just a fat woman), and also for the figure of the Duchess of Cambridge. Without thinking twice, Louise patented her own method to lose weight quickly and without suffering. Parker's story is banal to the point of simplicity: she herself tried to become thinner from the age of 14, was disappointed in all possible programs, and she wanted to lose not some unreal weight, but only 5 kilos. But this is precisely what she did not succeed in. Parker's principles are somewhat banal and are based on four tenets: a positive outlook on life, good nutrition, positive habits, and daily exercise. And after 6 weeks Louise guarantees the result. At least she does not insist on buying a membership to the rocking chair: you can just walk more, walk up the stairs and train your muscles in every possible way - in short, not sit in one place. As for food, the author offers 3 main meals a day, 2 snack breaks and an obligatory ritual at each meal: that is, not sitting at the computer, but at the dinner table, with beautiful appliances and a family service.


The diet is not new: it was originally invented in England to help people with bowel disorders. And the abbreviation encodes carbohydrates, which cause the greatest problems (milk, pear, onion). Now such a diet is recommended to almost everyone you meet under the pretext that bloating, colic, and overeating happens even in the absence of a medical diagnosis. The “fault” of this method is Emma Hatcher, who included over 100 recipes in She Can't Eat What.

Mayo Clinic Diet

It has nothing in common with the Maya civilization, but relies on the postulates from the American Mayo Clinic, which works with patients complaining of obesity. The program is divided into two parts: "Lose it!" and on "Live!" The first promises that in two weeks you can say goodbye to 5-8 kg due to a strict low-calorie diet tied to plant foods, and the second - with a healthy lifestyle. The main trump card is fat-burning soup, which is recommended to be fed almost all day long.

Recipes based on little-known products

Perhaps, at least once every five years, some product creeps out onto the scene, which is literally credited with magical properties for losing weight. Once upon a time, pineapple had such powers, then they prayed for nuts and ginger. The latest trend from the world of phyto babies is the Indian jackfruit tree, which, thanks to globalization, is now not so difficult to find. It attracts with its low protein content, but you shouldn't eat too much of it anyway: it's still a sweet fruit. A similar glory fell on the teff rump (this is no longer such an exotic thing). It is rich in protein and fiber and tastes like quinoa.

Joe Weeks Diet

It's hard to look into the eyes of Briton Joe Weeks: you want to stare at his cubes. And nevertheless, he knocked them out with sweat and blood and is in complete confidence that excess weight is not lost by strict diets, but by the correct lifestyle, 15-minute trainings and the absence of alcohol. Well, yes, and you also need to drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. It seems that the guy didn't say anything new, but on his program he earns one and a half million a month, and almost 500 people a day subscribe to individual programs on his website. Perhaps this can only be explained by the fact that Joe Weeks conducts all training personally. And shirtless.

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