Women's Team: The Main Myths About Gossip In The Office

Women's Team: The Main Myths About Gossip In The Office
Women's Team: The Main Myths About Gossip In The Office

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The nightmare of any clerk is to get to work in a purely female team, where conversations about cosmetics, men and manicure do not stop. The women's collective is affectionately called "chicken coop" and is avoided by both men and women. Why is this happening? Let's try to figure it out using the example of all well-known stereotypes.

Women are too emotional

In any stressful situation, women are not able to cope with their emotions, they panic, start screaming, hysterical and smear leaked mascara - many are sure of this. In fact, there is no evidence that women are more hysterical than men.

Rather, women are less constrained in terms of their emotions than men. A 2014 study by neuroscientists from Mindlab showed that men respond more physiologically to “touching” stimuli, but they deliberately underestimated their performance in the questionnaire to assess their own emotionality. That is, gender stereotypes still strongly influence people, limiting them even in the manifestation of their own emotions.

Emotionality is not offensive. Showing your emotions is not just good, it is necessary, since emotional response helps to establish contact, release your own feelings and maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the team.

Women gossip

Instead of work, women only do that they wash bones to someone, because of which the productivity of the department drops, and it is banal to trust someone of them with their secret.

In fact, everyone is gossiping. Yes, absolutely everything, without exception. Scientists have been using this for a long time, for example, in psychology. Many psychological tests contain the so-called "scale of lies", which includes questions about gossip and other not the most socially desirable manifestations of a person, which are characteristic of everyone, but it is a shame to admit them.

Women only envy

Rather than growing as individuals and climbing the career ladder, women envy the careers of others and then gossip.

Catalyst, a nonprofit empowering women, cites the following data: 65% of women develop new skills in the workplace. They also help other women grow. Also, women are no less ambitious than men. If the company does not discriminate against its employees on the basis of gender and gives everyone equal opportunities, then women compete on an equal basis with men, promotion, privileges and other additional bonuses are equally important to them.

Perhaps the stereotype about envious women lives due to the fact that in many structures, men and women still have different opportunities, it is much more difficult for women to get a raise or a raise, because she is a woman, and in general, let her stand on the sidelines. Therefore, it seems to both men and women that since a woman holds a high position, then she is probably sleeping with the boss or someone asked for her, because she herself allegedly cannot achieve this.

Thus, it is not at all necessary that every women's collective will be a "snake's nest". All of the above can be observed in a purely male team and even in a mixed one. So, in the matter of choosing a team, it is not the gender composition that should come to the fore, but the atmosphere and personal characteristics of each member of the group.

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