Bravo: 6 Stars Who Lost Weight After 40 And Look Fantastic

Bravo: 6 Stars Who Lost Weight After 40 And Look Fantastic
Bravo: 6 Stars Who Lost Weight After 40 And Look Fantastic

Video: Bravo: 6 Stars Who Lost Weight After 40 And Look Fantastic

Video: Bravo: 6 Stars Who Lost Weight After 40 And Look Fantastic
Video: 10 Celebs Whose Weight Loss Left Them Unrecognizable 2023, March

Kirsty Ellie (67 years old)


Kirsty Ellie in 2011 and 2018

The star of the movie "Two: Me and My Shadow" suffered from excess weight for a long time. She just ate a lot - and sometimes she could not stop. “You know, sweets, and especially cream cheese, were drugs for me. I started to eat - and now an empty pack was in my hands,”the actress told the press.

Having received the leading role in the series "Scream Queens", the star decided to pull herself together: she enlisted the support of nutritionist Jenny Craig and began to eat according to her system. The idea is that you can not limit yourself in the choice of food, but the daily diet should not exceed 1200-2300 calories (the exact amount depends on the person's weight, physical activity and habits). The actress admits: “If I don’t know how to eat further, I immediately call my nutritionist.”

Kirsty Ellie also began to play sports: she appears in the gym three times a week, practices yoga, and often rides a bicycle. Thanks to the efforts made, the woman has lost more than 20 kg and has been holding the weight for two years. And yes, she's a beauty!

Tyra Banks (44)

Tyra Banks in 2008 and 2018

In her youth, the model was suspected of an eating disorder, she became sick with dystrophy, she even had to consult a doctor about this. Who knew that in many years the situation would change dramatically - and the creator of the show “America's Next Top Model” would rapidly gain weight.

In 2008, the paparazzi caught Tyra off guard while sunbathing on the beach. Her pictures in a swimsuit hit the front pages of many magazines and caused heated discussions. The supermodel decided to answer the haters on her own TyrBanks Show, where she came all in the same swimsuit. Through tears, Banks said that her mother taught her to be strong and endure difficulties with her head held high.

After this episode, Tyra began to pay more attention to her diet, the nutritionist forced her to keep a food diary. “I don't count damn calories, I just write down everything I eat. It helps to rebuild your diet and make it healthier,”- told Banks to reporters.

Having achieved the first successes, the model began to consolidate them with the help of sports. She works out with a trainer three times a week for one and a half hours. The training includes kickboxing, medicine ball and kettlebell training. Thanks to all these efforts, Tyra regained her slender figure.

Alyssa Milano (45)

Alyssa Milano in 2014 and 2017

We remember her as sweet and charming Phoebe from the TV series Charmed. Little, thin Alyssa won the hearts of the audience. After the completion of the project, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, Milano became the host of the "Podium" fashion show, gave birth to two children. During pregnancy, she hosted one of the seasons of a fashion show and looked, by the way, cute. After giving birth, the curvaceous forms in the frame no longer aroused affection. But Alissa still couldn't get rid of them.

The haters scoffed at the star's overweight and the outfits that she chose for figure flaws. It seemed that the chiseled figure would never return to Milano, but she managed to accomplish the impossible: the kilograms began to melt when the actress sat on the Atkins diet (the same system helped to lose weight after giving birth to Kim Kardashian).

Alyssa lost 20 kg - and at the same time did not suffer from dietary restrictions. For example, for breakfast, she eats boiled salmon with a small slice of cream cheese and thin slices of cucumber. Her diet includes bell peppers (a source of vitamin C), zucchini (from this vegetable she makes noodles for her dinner), eggs, Greek yogurt, shrimp, avocados and other healthy foods. And when the actress wants to eat, she makes herself cabbage chips. Alyssa adds pepper, salt, garlic to the thin slices and bakes in the oven. We think we all have a lot to learn from her.

Mariah Carey (48 years old)

Mariah Carey in 2017 and 2018.

The star rounded off noticeably after being dumped by billionaire James Packer. Mariah began to seize stress. Buns, chocolates and fast food quickly affected the figure. The woman called herself body-positive, screaming right and left that she "likes this big ass." The epiphany came when Mariah ceased to fit into the collection of new concert bodysuits. And it became more difficult to perform on stage: the dancers could no longer lift it, and after each performance the singer had severe shortness of breath.

Mariah decided to take the path of losing weight. According to media reports, she underwent surgery to reduce the stomach (after which the patients keep a special diet, begin to eat less and lose weight quickly). The result was not long in coming. At the TCL theater, the singer appeared in a tight black mini dress, and everyone noted that she had noticeably lost weight.

Now Mariah continues to eat under the supervision of nutritionists, she has almost returned to the ideal figure that she had in her youth.

Drew Barrymore (43)

Drew Barrymore in 2016 and 2017

Drew has never hidden that she has metabolic problems. She either got fat or lost weight. But she launched herself thoroughly after a divorce from her third husband: she just began to seize grief. “I bloomed so much that I stopped paying attention to how I looked,” - said Drew in an interview. The job offer brought her back to reality.

Drew was to play the zombie Sheila in The Sanat Clarita Diet. For the role, she needed to lose weight. Then Drew hooked up a nutritional consultant, went on a protein diet and went in for sports. “Thanks to this diet, muscle mass grows, which displaces all the harmful and unnecessary fat. I honestly follow the food rules, but I always dream of pizza. " And by the way, the actress trains every day. As a result, she has already lost more than 10 kg. It's only the beginning!

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