Editorial Experiment: Blossom Blossomsib Drops. Is There An Effect?

Editorial Experiment: Blossom Blossomsib Drops. Is There An Effect?
Editorial Experiment: Blossom Blossomsib Drops. Is There An Effect?

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The Internet is replete with happy faces of stars and rapturous reviews of Blossomsib Blossom Super Drops. We decided to check if this product can really be called the best.

The first step was to go to the site and place an order. Literally a minute later, we received a call from the support service and asked what time it would be best to deliver the product. On the appointed day and hour, the courier delivered the parcel. After paying (on the site you can choose a payment method: cash or card), we started the experiment.

By the way, drops cost 3,500 rubles. So what are we being promised for this money?

In the list of features:

strengthening the immune system;

fresh complexion;

improving the condition of hair and nails;

restoration of internal biorhythms;

improving sleep quality and reducing fatigue;

increasing efficiency, physical activity and endurance;

good mood.

# experts_o_blossomay "Blossomsib Youth Concentrate" contains components of plant origin: reindeer lichen, propolis. These substances have pronounced antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties; are natural biostimulants. Due to the high bioavailability of the drink, these substances are quickly and easily absorbed by the body and enter the organs of the immune system (spleen, thymus gland, lymph nodes); the work of special cells of the immune defense (phagocytes, lymphocytes) is activated, which capture harmful microorganisms and particles, neutralize and remove them from the body. With its gentle, gradual and cumulative effect, #bloom helps to increase the body's NATURAL defenses. Since #bloom is a concentrate, it allows you to get the maximum of useful substances, while maintaining all the properties and qualities of natural raw materials.

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Oct 13 2016 at 11:24 am PDT

The product was tested by our editor-in-chief Oksana Kravchuk. Our girl is brave and strong. So I decided on a dangerous experiment. She survived, and that's good. And here is her opinion.

“Blossom” was promoted to me for a long time and persistently by a friend-actress. She said that another friend told her (a very famous person, so we will hide the surname) that these drops really have a magical property. And the point is allegedly not at all about paid posts on social networks, the tool, they say, is really unique. Then “Blossom” appeared in a dozen more actresses and singers on Instagram, and I decided: it's time to try!

So, drops for 3500 rubles were delivered directly to the office by a courier. It should be noted that almost lightning fast - the next day I already studied the instructions for using the magic remedy. Drink this complex for 12 days in a row, then stop for three days, and then for another twelve days swallow a dark brown liquid diluted in water half an hour before meals. The drops colored the water a greenish tint, and it all tasted like cooled tea - in general, even pleasant, and most importantly - there is a feeling that you are drinking something very useful.

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So what do the manufacturers promise us? Yes, a whole list of great changes From improving complexion and skin condition to sound and restful sleep. Note: many indicators, in my opinion, are quite subjective. Well, how do you know whether your immunity has strengthened or not? What about sleep? Maybe you just got so tired in a day that it cut you down. Or maybe they just repair the asphalt under the window day and night (hello to our district), and no drops will help you not to hear the sounds of these labor exploits. Realizing this, I still declare: Blossom did not help me in any way.My complexion hasn't changed at all, I didn't look fresh and cheerful - don't expect a miracle! Moreover, as I had periodic allergic rashes, so they remained, as there were areas of dry skin, so they are with me.

Now about immunity. On the fourth day of taking the magic drug, I caught a cold. I understand that four days is probably not enough for my immunity to get stronger and to sneeze on everyone who is sick in our office. I started drinking the remedy again as soon as I recovered (for the purity of the experiment, so to speak). And again, no improvements (only in dreams the former were seen with enviable constancy - so-so rest, I'll tell you). And then I caught a cold again. This time I didn't give up, I finished the course. Again, nothing. As my grandmother used to say, "what a poultice to a dead man." Still, we have a belief in a beauty miracle, in the fact that somewhere there is a magic cream "Azazello", even in the form of drops. Only this is not Blossom."

Since we decided to conduct a thorough check, we let the experts study the composition of the product, hiding, of course, from them the name of the product itself (all this for the sake of the purity of the experiment).

Composition: artesian water, silicon, zeolite, reindeer lichen, propolis, humic acids.

Daria Lozovskaya, cosmetologist

“All the components that make up the composition each have positive properties in their own way. In general, they cleanse the body, remove toxins, have antibacterial and immunomodulatory functions. There is nothing harmful. But! There is no (or I did not find) studies on synergism or antagonism of action, that is, it is unclear how the components of the drug interact with each other. How safe this product is with prolonged use is also unclear. I would recommend waiting with this remedy. If it is really useful and gives good results, then in the future it can be safely applied."

Oleg Iryshkin,

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Sports Medicine and Sports Dietetics, expert nutritionist of the X-Fit fitness club chain

“Looking at the composition of this product, we see good components. So, humic acids are natural compounds, an important feature of which is their sorption capacity in relation to salts of heavy metals, nitrates and other substances harmful to the body. Zeolite is used as a sorbent, which removes toxic substances from the body. Silicon has been ascribed similar properties.

Propolis is used as an antimicrobial drug, but usnic acid isolated from lichen has antimicrobial properties. Based on these few facts, we can assume that these substances are useful and necessary for our body.

If we enter these words into any search engine on the Internet, there will be many articles that indicate that dietary supplements containing these substances are the best that mankind has invented. And how could we live without them all this time? For example, this is how propolis is described: "a universal remedy, the effectiveness and safety of which has been tested by time." Zeolite is called the king of immunity, and also an oxygen battery.

But let's be frank, people's desire for a healthy lifestyle gives rise to offers from "health sellers". Hence the promises to cure all diseases. So which drug should we choose if many of them are the "kings of immunity"? Do manufacturers of "miracle cures" guarantee the quality of their products?

Yes, dietary supplements help us a lot, but the choice of this or that product must be approached in cold blood, not reading advertising articles about "miraculous" properties, but first of all studying quality certificates.

When buying, I recommend paying attention to international quality certificates. For example, a GMP certificate (good manufactured practice) is a confirmation that products are manufactured in full compliance with international requirements at enterprises where high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials are used and the production process is monitored. NSF (national science foundation) is a quality certificate of an international independent health organization that cooperates with the World Health Organization.

Thus, the only indicator of high-tech production and a guarantee of the quality of the manufactured product is the availability of international certificates, and not photographs of celebrities with the preparation of a dietary supplement in their hands."

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