Research: Sales Of Antibiotics In Russia Increased More Than 10 Times In November

Research: Sales Of Antibiotics In Russia Increased More Than 10 Times In November
Research: Sales Of Antibiotics In Russia Increased More Than 10 Times In November

Video: Research: Sales Of Antibiotics In Russia Increased More Than 10 Times In November

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MOSCOW, December 10. / TASS /. Sales of antibiotics in Russia in the fall increased eightfold, and in November - more than tenfold compared to the same period in 2019. This is stated in the study of the aggregator of pharmacies "Megapteka", which is at the disposal of TASS.

"In the fall of 2020, sales of antibiotics increased eightfold: from September to November 2019, 4,192 packages of antibacterial drugs were purchased through the service, and 34,666 packages of antibiotics were purchased in the same period of this year. October - an increase was 970%, and in November - an increase of 940%, in September there was also an increase in sales, but it was not so significant - 136%, "the study says.

So, if in September 2019 1,160 packages of antibiotics were sold, then in the same period of 2020 - 2,738, in October 2019 - 1,302 packages (in 2020 - 13,930), in November 2019 - 1,730 (in 2020 - 17 998).

The most popular antibiotics in the fall of 2020 were the following drugs: ceftriaxone (42.4% of sales of all antibacterial drugs), azithromycin (14.98% share of sales), levofloxacin (5.84%), cefazolin (5.45%), cefotaxime (5.32%), sumamed (3.25%) and amoxiclav (3.23%).

Compared to September - November of the previous year, in the fall of 2020, sales of these drugs increased several times: sales of ceftriaxone increased 67 times, cefotaxime - 63 times, cefazolin - 49 times, levofloxacin - 46 times, azithromycin - 19 times, sumamed - seven times. times, amoxiclava - three times.

"The leader in growth in demand relative to 2019 is also ceftriaxone - in the fall of 2020, the increase in requests for the service amounted to 8,023%. The demand for cefotaxime increased by 5,535%, for levofloxacin - by 4,159%, for cefazolin - 2,454%, for azithromycin - by 2,016%, for sumamed - by 847%. The smallest increase in demand for amoxiclav is by 87.64%, "the study says.

Provision of antibiotics in pharmacies in the Russian Federation

"On average across the country, pharmacies are the least supplied with cefotaxime, ceftriaxone and cefazolin and the most supplied with amoxiclav," analysts say.

The provision with cefotaxime on average in the country is almost 21%. Ceftriaxone and cefazolin can be bought in 22% of pharmacies, levofloxacin - in 32.6% of pharmacies, azithromycin - 33.72%, sumamed - 37.57%, amoxiclav - in 59% of pharmacies.

"Antibiotics for coronavirus are indicated only for those patients who have a bacterial infection, because they can only act on bacteria, such drugs are powerless against viruses. Moreover, antibiotics for prevention should not be taken. Taking antibacterial drugs without a doctor's prescription can lead to antibiotic resistance and the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics leads to a weakening of the effectiveness of treatment and, as a consequence, the impossibility of treating bacterial infections ", - warned the expert-pharmacist of the service" "Alena Bazhina, whose words are quoted in the message.

The indicator "provision" analyzed the share of pharmacies in which the drug in question was available at the time of the study (at least one package of goods was available), of the total number of pharmacies in the region connected to the partner network of the aggregator "".

Service "" is an online aggregator of pharmacies, through which users from 75 regions of Russia can search for offers at the price of pharmaceutical goods, book them and redeem them at a pharmacy convenient for them. More than 13,000 pharmacies from 20 largest chains are connected to the service.

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