Mascara Turned Out To Be Hazardous To Health

Mascara Turned Out To Be Hazardous To Health
Mascara Turned Out To Be Hazardous To Health

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Video: This Woman Wore Mascara to Bed Every Night for 25 Years and What Her Doctors Found Under Her Eyelid 2022, November

Daily use of mascara can lead to health problems. Fox News publishes recommendations for avoiding the dangerous effects of doctors' makeup.

According to Dr. Alexis Granite, a dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic in London, make-up should always be removed from your eyes before bed. Any makeup left on your face can not only clog your pores, but also cause irritation, inflammation and infection. “Inflammation around the eyelids leads to eyelash loss,” the expert concluded.

Ceri Smith-Jaynes, an optometrist and spokeswoman for the British Ophthalmology Association, added that daily mascara damage can damage the tear film.

“If this film is damaged, then the tears evaporate faster, the eyes dry, and irritation begins,” she commented.

Moreover, according to the expert, in general, any cosmetics for the eyes can penetrate them in a few minutes and lead to irritation. It intensifies if you add water or saliva to the ink bottle, or if you use the same brush with other people.

In the worst case, overuse of mascara and poor hygiene practices can lead to corneal infections. "Such infections are rare, but they can occur if you accidentally scratch your eye with a brush," said Smith-Janes and advised not to apply makeup while driving or on the train.

Earlier in September, doctors talked about the harmful effects of the popular eyelash extension beauty procedure. Among them is the chronic inflammatory disease blepharitis, which manifests itself in the form of tumor growths above the eyelashes.

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