The Main Types Of Sleep Disorders

The Main Types Of Sleep Disorders
The Main Types Of Sleep Disorders

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Currently, you can find several types of sleep disorders (sometimes this phenomenon is called parasomnia). The journalists of the Express-Novosti news agency learned how these or those violations manifest themselves, and what caused them. The first type of disturbance is disturbing dreams. Almost all people dream about them. They reflect events that cause fear. A person in such a situation, as a rule, wakes up. The dream is clearly remembered. Sleep may seem like a simple worry, but it is usually a reaction of the body. If such dreams occur very often, you should see a doctor.

Nightmare is another type of sleep disorder. A person wakes up after such a dream, but does not understand what happened and does not react for the first few seconds. At the same time, people do not remember the content of the dream, as well as the sounds and screams they made. Such a dream lasts literally a few minutes. Usually nightmare occurs in children under 5 years of age. If a person in a dream behaves as if he was awake, it means that he suffers from sleepwalking. People can get out of bed, walk around the house, but sleep deeply. Sleepwalking occurs at a time when sleep goes through its deepest stages. The disorder is common in children. Scientists suggest that this phenomenon is associated with a hereditary factor.

Somnambulism, or sleepwalking, is a stage of sleep when a person behaves as if he is already awake (walking or doing some kind of work), but in fact he is deeply asleep. Sleepwalking usually occurs when a person goes through the third and fourth stages of sleep late at night, the most profound, but it can also occur in the early morning during REM sleep. This sleep disorder occurs in children between eight and twelve years of age, as well as in adults. It is believed that sleepwalking is a hereditary phenomenon.

Slowness when waking up is also a violation. The person has confused consciousness. Such people do not remember yesterday and suffer from general memory problems. The constant transition from sleep to wake levels, in which a person speaks, is recognized as a serious disorder. A person can pronounce both single words and whole sentences. This phenomenon can be caused by stress shocks, fever, and other external factors.

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