How To Take Care Of Your Joints?

How To Take Care Of Your Joints?
How To Take Care Of Your Joints?

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With age, the condition of the joints for natural reasons deteriorates, they begin to stiffen, tension comes, followed by pain. If you do not pay attention to the health of the joints, then the pain will come more often. Following these tips will help protect your joints and keep them mobile.


Weight control

The joints of the lower extremities suffer from the appearance of extra pounds, a large weight is a high load. When walking, the knee joints receive a load that is three times the body weight, if your weight is 70 kg, then the load on the joints exceeds 200 kg. The loss of every extra kilogram is beneficial for the joints, this is a tangible relief.

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Cardio without shock load on joints

Running is good for the heart, but bad for the joints, every run tests the joints for strength. When running, knee and ankle injuries often occur, the joints cannot withstand such a load. Workouts such as swimming, rowing, and cycling are beneficial for the joints. Non-shock cardio speeds up blood flow, and joints gain more beneficial joints without the risk of injury.

Power training

Strong muscles take some of the stress off the joints; strength training is needed to develop the muscles. In order to take care of the knee joints, you need to strengthen the quadriceps and gluteal muscles. You also need to pay attention to the muscles of the core, they stabilize the body and evenly distribute the load.

Warm up

Any workout without a warm-up is dangerous not only for the muscles, but also for the joints. Pain in the knees and back during exercise indicates insufficient warm-up. During the warm-up, you need to do dynamic stretching exercises, they warm up the joints and increase their mobility. The muscles warmed up after the warm-up will become efficient and relieve some of the load from the knee joints.

Static stretching exercises are also useful for joints, they can be done after training or as a separate lesson, for example, sign up for yoga.

Healthy eating

The main cause of joint pain is inflammation, so it is important to be sure you are eating right. Certain foods increase inflammation, such as white flour baked goods and processed sugars. A balanced diet high in sugars and low in saturated fat is beneficial for joint health.


Constant stress without proper recovery leads to injuries, so even with the most active lifestyle, one day a week should be a day off. On this day, you do not need to sit still, you can walk or do yoga, yoga practices are good for joints and muscles. The appearance of joint pain usually indicates that they are receiving a lot of stress and little rest.

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