5 YouTube Health And Beauty Channels Worth Subscribing To

5 YouTube Health And Beauty Channels Worth Subscribing To
5 YouTube Health And Beauty Channels Worth Subscribing To

Video: 5 YouTube Health And Beauty Channels Worth Subscribing To

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The channel of Dr. Alexey Utin, who speaks about the complex in simple language. He invites doctors to his place and examines topical issues of medicine, doing it with honesty and humor.

Dr. Utin is a cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeon. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Ulyanovsk State University, clinical residency in cardiovascular surgery at the N.N. A.N. Bakuleva RAMS, since 2009 - postgraduate student of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery under the leadership of Yu.L. Shevchenko.

He tries to dispel medical myths ranging from popular diseases to vaccinations. It is interesting that all the information that sounds in the video is confirmed by links to scientific research.


Longevity Lab is a community about digital and preventive medicine. It includes experts, doctors and people who want to live more than a hundred years and be in good physical and emotional shape.

Digital medicine is the use of services and gadgets that allow examining a patient from a distance and transmitting the results to a doctor. Preventive medicine is the extension of a person's healthy life through the prevention and prevention of diseases. All invited channel experts are professional doctors or practitioners, such as famous athletes.

What the Longevity Laboratory channel is about:

How to live a long and quality life; How to build proper nutrition, get rid of excess weight; Inconvenient questions about health and healthy lifestyle principles; Vegetarianism. For or against; Beauty issues: how to take care of yourself; Conversations with famous personalities from the field of a healthy lifestyle.

Workout - BE IN SHAPE!

Channel "Workout" will be useful for those who want to get their body in shape or maintain the results already achieved. The channel presents various workouts in the format of short videos, which can be used both at home and in the gym. There you can also find recipes for healthy dishes, advice from trainers and nutritionists.

The channel is focused on modern girls who do not have much free time, so the channel's authors rely on mini-videos that are convenient to watch during a break or on the road. Here you will be helped to work out different muscle groups, they will tell you about proper nutrition, and pregnant women will be offered a special set of exercises.


Biohacking is a medical practice that aims to slow down aging through proper nutrition, healthy sleep, exercise, and giving up bad habits. It is an anti-aging wellness program for the body.

Irina herself is a candidate of medical sciences, biohacker, therapist, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, integrative medicine doctor. Irina's approach is to use drugs as little and wise as possible.

Irina Baranova's channel is an interview with doctors, nutritionists and preventive medicine specialists on the most non-trivial topics in biochecking: brain health, coronavirus and everything related to it, intimate rejuvenation, answers to indecent questions, body and face beauty.

Evidence-based medicine

The channel, the author of which is based only on scientific facts and research. Evidence-based medicine will be useful for those who are interested in their health or looking for answers to certain questions. The author of the channel, Sofya Dorinskaya, psychiatrist, deputy editor-in-chief of the scientific journal of the Russian Physical Society, she talks about what these or those diseases are, how to minimize the risk of their occurrence and what health indicators should be monitored.

Here you can find out which pills and vitamins are best to take in certain cases, how to recover from illness, what are the benefits of fasting, all about pregnancy and childbirth.

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