French Scientists Have Developed A Drug To Help Treat Increased Fatigue

French Scientists Have Developed A Drug To Help Treat Increased Fatigue
French Scientists Have Developed A Drug To Help Treat Increased Fatigue

Video: French Scientists Have Developed A Drug To Help Treat Increased Fatigue

Video: French Scientists Have Developed A Drug To Help Treat Increased Fatigue
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The dynamic pace of life in big cities makes a person vulnerable to many diseases. Common symptoms include weakness, increased fatigue, irritability, bad mood, loss of the ability to sustained mental and physical stress. Many associate this with the onset of autumn or winter, when the number of sunny days decreases, but such sensations occur after an illness, as well as a recent vacation.


What is fatigue and how is it treated?

Increased fatigue develops not only in office workers, but also in other professionals who experience constant stress at work. At this moment, the depletion of the body's energy resources occurs and, as a result, fatigue appears and efficiency decreases. Sports activities help to get in shape and "unwind", but not everyone has the time for this, and sometimes even the desire.

In the late 1970s, the French company "BIOCODEX" began to solve this problem and began researching a new drug Stimol, which was based on two natural metabolites of the human body - citrulline and malate (malic acid). Their action is aimed at suppressing the symptoms of increased fatigue at the cellular level.

"Citrulline and malate are natural metabolites of the body that have been known for a long time. They are involved in cellular chemical reactions, including the Krebs cycle for the formation of adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP), our main energy substrate. Malic acid and the amino acid citrulline increase the synthesis of ATP", - explains Professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases of the First Moscow Medical University named after Sechenov Vladimir Zakharov.

Most of citrulline is found in the rind of watermelon, while malate is found in unripe apples, grapes, rowan berries, barberries, and raspberries. But in order to get the required amount of acid, you will need to eat a lot of fruits and berries, and very few people use the peels from watermelons for food. "It is much easier and more effective when these substances enter the body in the form of a standardized drug," says Professor Zakharov.

According to the expert, Stimol has an effect on increased fatigue and overwork. "Increased fatigue is a symptom that can occur in a wide variety of diseases, from the banal flu to psycho-emotional disorders. Both ultimately lead to a decrease in the synthesis of ATP in the body. Citrulline malate acts on the final mechanism of formation symptom, therefore it can be used for any asthenia ", - said Vladimir Zakharov.

By the way, the professor in no way recommends taking energy drinks in case of increased fatigue, citing an analogy with "whipping up a driven horse." Energetics stimulate the work of the brain, while metabolism is accelerated in the cells, which leads to an even greater reduction in energy reserves.

Children over the age of five and adults

Studies have shown that almost all clinical manifestations of increased fatigue are based on metabolic disorders - an increase in the level of ammonia and lactic acid blocks the formation and use of ATP. Citrulline is an intermediate in the formation of urea and helps to accelerate the elimination of ammonia from the body. Malate, in turn, helps to get rid of ammonia and lactic acid.

The over-the-counter drug Stimol is widely used in clinical practice, experts say. It can be used in children from five years of age and in adults with increased fatigue, overwork, in the process of recovery from infectious diseases.

In addition to taking the drug, experts also recommend the following methods to reduce the manifestations of increased fatigue: it is necessary to properly organize work and rest, take walks in the fresh air, eat regularly and fully, observe a sleep schedule and do not forget to exercise.



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