5 Ways To Get In Shape While Walking With A Stroller

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5 Ways To Get In Shape While Walking With A Stroller
5 Ways To Get In Shape While Walking With A Stroller

Video: 5 Ways To Get In Shape While Walking With A Stroller

Video: 5 Ways To Get In Shape While Walking With A Stroller
Video: 10 Minute Stroller Workout for Mom and Baby! 2023, September

Now there are no excuses "I have no time to take care of myself, because I have a baby!" Just go for a walk with a stroller!


A few weeks after giving birth, young mothers gradually get used to the new stressful regimen. They understand when it is better to sleep, when to do business, but the most difficult thing is finding time for sports.

In fact, there are many opportunities for full-fledged training: just go outside. Walking with your child can be easily combined with activities, if, of course, the baby will sleep and will not distract the mother.

Experts from Sportules, who specialize in outdoor fitness, spoke about how a mother can get in shape even while walking with her baby.

Roller skating

Recently, roller-skating walks with a stroller have become fashionable. This kind of sport is practical and convenient - the legs and abs are strengthened, while the mother and child are constantly in motion. Well, if you choose a place with good asphalt, on the embankment and in the forest, for example, on the Moscow Sparrow Hills, then the child will enjoy a walk and sound sleep.

However, it should be borne in mind that roller skating is a rather traumatic sport!

If you didn’t stand on rollers before giving birth, then after that, and even with a stroller, it’s better not to even try!

Therefore, roller skating is suitable only for experienced mothers.

For such walks, it is worth choosing a flat road without large differences in elevation - it will be safer.

It is imperative to have removable shoes with you. Otherwise, you will not be allowed into any store on rollers and with a stroller.

Another advantage of rollers: while walking, you can cover a considerable distance, and this is much more interesting than wrapping the same circles around the house.

Walk with "weight"

Rollers require care and dexterity, and if you want a calm load, choose comfortable shoes and a park with a serious height difference.

For example, the Moscow park "Olympic Village" or the sports recreation park. Hero of Russia Larisa Lazutina.

A stroller with a sleeping baby will be a good weight. The main thing for this kind of training is to choose the right pace: it should not be slow, but also not fast like running.

The easiest way to check if your walk is intense enough is to say a five-word phrase out loud. If at the same time breathing is very confused, then the load should be reduced, and if the phrase is given too simply, then increase.

The training time should not be less than an hour, it is better if you manage to walk one and a half.

The fact is that the body begins to use fat deposits only after forty minutes of sufficiently intense exercise. Climbing ups and downs with a stroller will allow you to use more muscles and create additional stress.

Outdoor Walk and Fitness

The gym may not be as far from you as it seems at first glance, and even in the open air.

Outdoor training with an experienced professional (many parks have these services) is a great solution. If you wish, you can gather all the mothers walking in the yard and invite the coach to conduct a group lesson right next to the house, on the nearest sports ground.

With all the variety of outdoor workouts, functional training or TRX training to strengthen the main muscle groups is best suited for young mothers, depending on the tasks and physical capabilities, as well as health restrictions.

The strollers can stand side by side and while the little ones snooze peacefully, you will do various exercises with your weight.

If desired, you can use the equipment of trainers: a coordination ladder, bands, resistance bands, elastic bands, TRX loops, skipping rope and dumbbells, increasing the intensity with each workout.

By the way, rainy weather is not an obstacle for training. Some parks have roof decks, and the right clothing will keep you from getting wet or freezing.

Yoga in the park

Improving posture, shaping a leaner body and increasing flexibility can all be easily achieved with yoga.

Moreover, in the warm season, it is convenient to come to classes with a stroller - it can be placed next to it, and while the child is sleeping, he will not distract from classes.

The main condition is good weather and comfortable clothes.

You can buy a yoga mat or use a travel foam or even a picnic blanket instead.

This year, classes are held in 37 Moscow parks and will last until early September. Surely one of them will be near your house. You do not need to sign up in advance, but you will have to follow the schedule on the parks' websites or in social networks. Classes can be canceled if the temperature is below + 18. The lesson lasts from an hour to one and a half.

During the summer, you can have time to try up to 20 types of yoga, learn meditation and master the breathing technique.

Classes are held in silence, so the child's sleep will not be disturbed.

Stretching in hammocks

If you are tired of running and have already mastered yoga, you can go to stretching classes in hammocks. In some clubs, classes are held on the street.

Hammocks allow you to better and deeper learn stretching, mobilize the lymphatic system and subsequently lose weight. In addition to physical fitness, exercises in hammocks allow you to train the vestibular apparatus and feel the ease of flight.

A pleasant feeling after class is guaranteed.

Even if there is no way to relax in hammocks all the time, a couple of times a month such exercises will diversify physical activity and help you relax after walking or functional training.