How To Get Rid Of Extra Pounds After Vacation

How To Get Rid Of Extra Pounds After Vacation
How To Get Rid Of Extra Pounds After Vacation

Video: How To Get Rid Of Extra Pounds After Vacation

Video: How To Get Rid Of Extra Pounds After Vacation

Summer is coming to an end, and with it the vacation period. Many, going to work, not only tell how they rested, but also worry that they relaxed, allowed themselves to feast on goodies, and as a result, they must again start the struggle for harmony.


Psychologists say that weight gain on vacation is a completely natural phenomenon. And not only because your diet is changing, but simply because you are resting. After all, our whole life outside of vacation may well be considered stress of varying severity. On vacation, we finally allow ourselves not to rush anywhere, sleep in plenty, indulge in idleness and bliss, and also delight ourselves with all sorts of delicacies. Therefore, our body, accustomed to stress, strives for that short time, while it is being groomed and fed, to make reserves in order to survive the difficult times, which, according to its experience, will surely come.

Nutritionists advise not to worry about post-vacation weight gain and not go to extremes, trying to immediately drive off those 3-4-5 kilograms that the body so diligently stored for you. They will leave on their own if they are not too actively urged on.

Three simple dietary guidelines

It doesn't take thousands of efforts to become a slender person. There are several simple steps that are likely to help almost everyone when it comes to losing less than 10 kg, says psychologist Sergei Leonov, an expert in correction of eating disorders, from Yekaterinburg. He shares nutritional guidelines that will help you lose weight gradually and not gain weight again.

The first rule is to start eating a normal breakfast. That is, to make a hot, hearty breakfast for yourself. A plate of porridge with a slice of cheese, scrambled eggs, or even soup will do! Such a breakfast will give, firstly, an increase in metabolism by 15-30% within 2-3 hours after eating (the so-called "food thermogenesis"). Secondly, in the next 2-4 hours, you will not be constantly snacking. Thirdly, paradoxically, but a normal breakfast in the morning is the prevention of overeating in the evening.

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} The second rule is to eat on time. In almost 10 years of working with eating disorders and especially being overweight, I have not seen people who would eat 1-2 times a day and still be slim. And, on the contrary, I met many cases when a person did not have the best diet, but he ate on time, on average 4-6 times, and the weight decreased well. Therefore, try to eat a little every time you are hungry, do not accumulate hunger, make sure that you do not have gaps between meals for more than 4-5 hours.

The third rule is to include enough complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, as well as proteins, fats and water - this is what our body needs every day in a sufficiently large amount (compared to vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, which are needed in micro doses).

“If the body does not receive energy from complex carbohydrates (cereals, whole grain breads, legumes, vegetables), then it will most likely be drawn to simple ones (white bread, sugar, cookies, pastries, cakes, and so on). The experience of many people who have lost weight shows that when a person simply includes more complex carbohydrates in the diet, his uncontrolled cravings for sweets may already decrease or completely disappear. This recommendation for weight loss is quite easily implemented, but not everyone knows about it,”says Sergei Leonov.

Don't put off losing weight until later

There is another extreme in the behavior of those who brought a few extra pounds from vacation. Going to work after rest is a certain stress, and you really don't want to aggravate it by driving yourself into a regime of food restrictions and training! The psyche helpfully suggests loopholes. It seems that three extra pounds is not a problem at all. Yes, and the cold is coming soon, so the body will start to store it anyway, but here everything has already been stored. And in general, when everything is so everyday, you so want to extend the feeling of vacation in at least something! And the next piece of cake, candy or a glass of beer is used - to taste. Unfortunately, this way of dealing with the post-vacation blues often leads to the fact that the gained kilograms become not three, but five or six, and this is already a serious problem, which becomes more difficult to overcome. In this case, experts advise seeking help.

“And there’s no need to wait,” nutritionist Natalia Gerasimova told MIR 24. - Weight gain after improper convergence with restrictive diets, unfortunately, occurs rapidly. The specialists will help you develop a new therapeutic strategy and return to the previous shape."

“Very few people manage to enter the same water twice and get out of it with the same result. The body is wise and every time it develops a kind of "immunity" from methods of weight loss. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit your dietitian again when you regain weight. Even if it seems to you that you yourself are to blame for everything,”notes Natalya Gerasimova.

Solve post-holiday problems comprehensively

In order not to postpone losing weight until later, psychologists advise including it in a complex of imperceptible, but such important steps to return the body to working mode after rest. After all, if there is no post-vacation stress, then you will not need to seize it. This is what psychologists advise.

Returning from vacation, rejoice at what happened, and do not focus on the fact that the vacation is over.

“It is important to share the accumulated impressions and stories about your vacation,” says Alla Dashko, a psychologist from Kiev. - You need to integrate the accumulated events and ground yourself in the current reality. This requires meetings with family, friends, demonstration of their photos and tanning. This contributes to a smooth and pleasant return."

A fluid mindset to be active allows you to gently adapt to work. Don't scold yourself for the slow release train. Better accept your condition and understand yourself. Give your body time to switch to a different lifestyle.

“Pay attention and time to yourself, your appearance,” says Alla Dashko. - Feeling of self plays a key role in any activity. Wear your favorite clothes, take care of yourself, and indulge yourself in pleasure. It is necessary to bring moments of joy to the usual everyday life."

So that it is not painful to go to work, learn to relax not only on vacation. Be sure to allow yourself moments of passive contemplation. Take your time, watch the flow of water, the flutter of the fire in the fireplace, the fuss of pets, the flight of birds, the play of sunspots or shadows on the curtains. What does this have to do with losing weight? Yes, the most direct! You relax and enjoy moments of peace, and do not think about what to eat to drown out discontent and anxiety.

Take the time to take care of your body. Visit spas, change your hairstyle. Use aroma therapy: This is an easy and surprisingly effective way to pamper yourself. Learn to be happy instead of stress eating!

Allow yourself tactile pleasures: petting pets, touching live plants, soft silk, fluffy fur Indulge in this thoughtfully, realizing the quiet joy that this simple activity brings.

Go in for sports, go to the pool, spend more time outdoors, with children. Have you ever noticed that those who are actively and regularly involved in sports are the least susceptible to depression and, as a result, do not try to seize stress? And all because during physical exertion in the body, the very endorphins are produced - the hormones of happiness, about which so much is now written and talked about.

In addition, people involved in sports are more confident in themselves and in general they have reasons to be proud of themselves and therefore be more positive. At the same time, if you have already decided on a workout, you will regret the effort spent and want to switch to a healthy diet. You will see, the kilograms will go away very soon!