Fitness: Mistakes For Novice Athletes

Fitness: Mistakes For Novice Athletes
Fitness: Mistakes For Novice Athletes

Video: Fitness: Mistakes For Novice Athletes

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Video: Top 6 Beginner Workout Mistakes! 2023, February

The fashion for a lean and healthy body is only gaining momentum every year. Young and not so, avid and completely newbies rushed to fitness clubs. If you consider yourself to be among the ranks of newcomers, then you should first understand what you can and what absolutely cannot be done in the gym. So, here are 5 mistakes to consider when starting a workout. Fitness: Mistakes that beginner athletes make.


If you start your

the sports path is not serious and with the knowledge that you will appear in the gym

once a month - then it makes no sense to spend money on a subscription and a new form, there will be no benefit from such training. If you decided to go to the gym, then

give yourself your word that you will show up there at least 2-3 times a week!

Lack of warm-up

In no case should you start

to exercise without preparing your body for stress. Warm up

is needed and important much more than it seems! With its help you can

prevent possible muscle injuries and rapid exercise fatigue. By the way, you need to start warming up the body from top to bottom, and in no case vice versa!

Heavy weight

What you shouldn't do for sure -

so it is to immediately break for a huge weight and pull everything indiscriminately.

This approach will not lead to anything good: you can rip your back, pull a muscle, or

even break yourself something. Weight should be increased slowly and gradually, adding a couple of kilograms each when you can easily cope with the previous



In training, do not rush, performing exercises it is not clear how, and jumping from

one machine to another. If there is no one for a lesson in the hall

more than an hour, then it is better to move it, because all dressing up and the like

pre and post workout rituals take at least 30-40 minutes.

Lack of a coach

And the main thing! No way

case, you cannot come to the hall and throw yourself on the embrasure yourself (read -

on simulators). For at least the first month, every action should be monitored

a specialist who knows for sure what can help and what can harm.

Therefore, first, it is better to take care of who to entrust your body and, accordingly, your health, and then buy a subscription.

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