What Are Les Mills?

What Are Les Mills?
What Are Les Mills?
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Les Mills workout programs are diverse and versatile. All depending on the tasks and the level of training, you can always choose a program that suits you. It is possible to become a Les Mills instructor only after completing training, and each of the programs corresponds to a separate training and certification.


While practicing Les Mills in the gym with an instructor, you can be sure that the mentor is a professional in his field.

Les Mills workout programs

Body pump

Barbell training is characterized by high intensity, all exercises are done at a fast pace, due to which a combination of anaerobic and aerobic loads is achieved. The goal of the program is to get rid of fatty deposits and create muscle relief on the body.

Body combat

The program is centered around aerobic activity, all exercises are explosive in nature, during execution, the pulse rises to the maximum limit. Now it is one of the most popular Les Mills workouts, the interest of people is caused by a combination of elements from martial arts - boxing, kickboxing, capoeira, karate and others.

Body balance

A quieter workout designed to increase body flexibility and stretch the muscles deeply. The workouts are made up of the best elements of Pilates and yoga to relieve stress and improve posture.

Body jam

Such workouts are suitable for those who love to dance, classes are held to the rhythms of electronic music, drum and bass and hip-hop, the exercises are very rhythmic and energetic. During the lesson, a huge amount of calories is burned, after which a great mood is guaranteed.

Body step

An innovative approach to step aerobics makes training more effective, which allows you to quickly get your body in shape. The purpose of training is to burn excess calories, to tighten the silhouette of the figure.

Body attack

Another cardio-based program that is an effective addition to aerobic exercise is plyometric exercise. You do not need any equipment to carry out training, therefore this program is popular among those who train at home.

Body vive

Fat burning course with the main focus on the abdominal muscles. The program combines strength and aerobic loads, the purpose of the classes is to get rid of body fat and form an ideal press.

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Trainings are carried out on cycling, this format is very popular now. This is one of the most effective group formats for getting rid of excess calories, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and increasing endurance.


The program is aimed at problem areas - the abdomen and buttocks; resistance bands and dumbbells are used in training. Classes last for 30-45 minutes, they bring a beautiful silhouette of the hips and buttocks, cubes on the press.


Workouts last 30 minutes, each of them burns a huge amount of calories, and is carried out in the format of high-intensity interval training.


Dance workouts for those who love dancing but are not ready for the level of intensity offered by the Body Jam program. In the classroom, people spend extra calories and at the same time develop body flexibility. Most of the programs can be performed both in the gym and at home, the only exception is RPM, training is carried out on cycles. When practicing in a gym with a professional instructor, higher efficiency is achieved. For those who do not have the ability or desire to go to the gym, Les Mills produces video tutorials.

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