Warm Up In Football

Warm Up In Football
Warm Up In Football

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preparation of joints, ligaments and muscles for rapid jerks;


unexpected turns;


sharp movements.

Requirements for the preparation of athletes before the match

Warm-up is a set of exercises that are needed in order to prepare the athlete as best as possible for high physical activity during the game. Exercising regularly before a game can help improve your reaction to a moving ball by allowing your brain to make the right decisions faster. The physical capabilities of the player are increased due to the warmed up muscles, and therefore sprains or injuries during sudden movements are minimized. The physical activity during training is the same for all players. The warm-up before football consists of:

easy jogging;

a set of exercises for warming up muscle mass;

stretch marks;

intense running;

development of the ankle;

working out the joints;

In cold weather, muscles take longer to warm up. Morning exercises are also long, as the muscles and joints are completely relaxed and less mobile after sleep. Evening workouts are reduced to a minimum due to the daily stress on all parts of the body. The duration of the warm-up for football players ranges from 20 to 40 minutes.

Exercise types

During training, you must follow the rule: "from simple to difficult." First, light elements from football equipment are performed, and then more complex ones. The first exercises are done with minimal stress on the body, gradually increasing the intensity of the exercise.


Football warm-up includes not only warming up the body, but also improving the physical abilities of the player through the right exercises. Running classes are conducted according to the following principle:

jogging without assignments (carried out along the football field to the sideline, and returning to the starting point);

running with a side step (the task is performed first with the left side, in the opposite direction with the right side);

"Overlap the lower leg" - while jogging, you need to touch the buttocks with the heels;

Cross step;

"High thigh" is a run, when the knees need to be lifted almost at right angles to the body (you can stretch your arms in front of you and try to touch your palms with your knee caps during the exercise);

rhythmic running;

running backwards;

running with acceleration.

With a soccer ball

To hone your skills, the warm-up includes tasks with the ball:

transfer of the projectile in one or two touches;

playing the ball in the "square";

close-range passes;

kicks into football goals;

passing the ball in pairs, when the participants are at a distance of 20 meters from each other.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Stretching for athletes is one of the top priorities. Good flexibility and quick reaction allow you to outplay your opponent without much effort. Therefore, in order to correctly approach complex tasks, you need to warm up the whole body well. You need to start with the muscles of the head and neck, and end with your legs.

The complex can include the following tasks:


circular movements of the head, shoulders, hands;

tilts in different directions;

swing legs in different directions;

twine, if this exercise does not work, because there is not enough flexibility, then just perform a deep lunge.

Rollback exercise

Such exercises train and improve stretching. The rollback exercise is done according to the following principle:

take the starting position - kneeling with your palms on your hips;

bend back (the task is performed slowly so as not to get stretched);

roll onto your back;

spread your arms to the sides shoulder-width apart;

group up and take the original position.

Warming up before football involves more than just physical activity and constant activity.Athletes need a preventive massage with warming creams to warm up the joints and muscles. Such procedures minimize the risk of injury both on the field and during training.

Beginner footballers should not embark on complex and intense activities. First, you need to accustom the body to physical activity, and then gradually increase the load.

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