Nothing More: How To Make Your Skin Beautiful Without Foundation

Nothing More: How To Make Your Skin Beautiful Without Foundation
Nothing More: How To Make Your Skin Beautiful Without Foundation

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Let's start with the fact that your skin is depressed for a reason. Most likely, you have been taking care of her incorrectly for a long time, malnourished substances important for her health, or simply did not know that you can cope with the imperfections of your skin through cosmetic procedures. So, let's start to return a blooming look to your face together with the recommendations of Irina Kosheleva, a dermatocosmetologist, a trichologist at the Premium Aesthetics clinic.


Adjust your lifestyle and nutrition

Without this common truth, all your further actions will simply have no effect. To begin with, start getting enough sleep and spending at least some amount of time in the fresh air - the weather is just right for this now. Study your menu carefully. Your skin will surely like avocados, fish (preferably oily), various berries. And protein in the diet must be mandatory, both vegetable and animal. If you're on a vegan diet, take in the missing amino acids found only in animal supplements.

Start cleansing your skin properly

We, of course, believe that you diligently wash off your makeup before going to bed and even go to a beautician for complex cleansing. But, your skin needs a much deeper cleansing. Means with acids will help you with this. Of course, it is better to select them with a doctor, and the frequency of use of this or that cosmetics will depend on the type of skin - the doctor will definitely tell you about this. But the fact that cleansing with ugly acid peels should be part of your beauty ritual is a fact. Look for almond, lactic, or glycolic acids - these are most often found in peels recommended for home use. The concentration of these acids will be lower than in professional products, so you do not injure your skin. Use them 2-4 times a month depending on your skin's needs. Acid products such as a cleansing foam and toner will also help you prepare for the peeling.

By properly cleansing the skin, you will not only be able to even out its relief, improve complexion, get rid of flaking, but also reduce the risk of the formation of inflammatory elements on it. Ladies prone to acne, take note!

Pay attention to the composition of your skin care creams

You are probably familiar with the picture - apply a foundation and all small wrinkles and creases on the face become immediately apparent. Even young girls are familiar with this situation. You should not immediately run away and demand from the beautician to inject you with hyaluronic acid, but more. Until you understand home care, this procedure will be pointless. It is very important that the creams you use daily maintain the integrity of the skin's hydrolipidic mantle. It is she who protects her water evaporation, keeping moisture in the skin. And this is plus the turgor and elasticity of the skin and minus the mesh of small wrinkles. Look for polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cream - they are the main building blocks of the mantle. These creams are usually in the nutritional category and are best used in the evening.

Moisturizing, protecting, renewing - all of this is just as necessary for your skin. Therefore, in your arsenal should be products with moisturizing, antioxidant and amino acid complexes.

Get a phototherapy treatment

You are wrong to think that some kind of hardware procedures are only for women 35+. Among them there are those that are suitable for an 18-year-old girl, if she has indications for that, for example, pronounced vessels and pigments.Actually, it is precisely these skin imperfections that you try to retouch with special zeal with the help of a multi-colored concealer palette. Meanwhile, after 3-5 phototherapy procedures with an interval of three weeks, you can get rid of them once and for all. Exposure to IPL light erases the rosacea mesh, reddish skin tone, and age spots. And thanks to phototherapy, you can make acne marks less noticeable, regulate sebum secretion, shrink pores and reduce the likelihood of various skin inflammations, which is especially important for owners of oily skin. The procedure can be done during the period of active sun, but it is important to protect your face with SPF and remember to renew it during the day.

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