21 Effective Ways To Stay On Your Diet

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21 Effective Ways To Stay On Your Diet
21 Effective Ways To Stay On Your Diet

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If you have never been able to withstand a single diet, sometimes jumping off it right on the very first day, read in the new review how you can quickly and effectively train yourself not to give up healthy habits.


The most important victory is victory over yourself. Remember how many times you have already managed to promise yourself that you are starting a new life and changing your habits for the better, and how many times after the breakdown you guiltily exclaimed: "Well, now it will definitely never happen again!"

Today we have collected for you all the existing life hacks that will help you stay on the diet on the very first day. Let's make a reservation right away: by the word "diet" we in no way mean extreme fasting and dangerous dietary restrictions, but we are talking about reasonable rules of healthy and rational nutrition, which also oblige us to give up a lot. They say that in order to develop any habit, we only need to hold out for 21 days. Agree that this is a very tiny sacrifice for the sake of an ideal figure, health of body, soul and your great well-being?


Despite the recommendation to create a calorie deficit, the golden rule of weight loss for all diets, without exception, we urge you to stay within the daily norm and not forget that for the full functioning of metabolism, burning fat, healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as preventing the "effect yo-yo "It is essential to eat well.

Don't skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast creates 3 problems for yourself. First: the body simply does not wake up, and you remain lethargic and feel bad all day. Second: you start the day hungry and the likelihood of falling for something clearly not dietary increases every new hour. Third: the metabolism and the rate of calorie burning are reduced, since it is breakfast that is responsible for starting the body's metabolic processes immediately after sleep.

Listen to your body

Stiffness is a good thing if you know how to keep everything in moderation. For example, giving up sugar is not easy, and it is always stressful for the body. Therefore, firstly, it is necessary to exclude some product from the diet gradually, and not abruptly, suffering from a lack of something familiar, and secondly, it is very important to understand your body and trust it. You will definitely feel the desire to replace the product that you abandoned with something new and more useful, and such desires should definitely be heard.


Snacks, as well as breakfast, play a big role for anyone who decides to embark on the path of healthy eating. They are also responsible for maintaining a high metabolic rate, feeling normal, normalizing blood sugar levels, and controlling appetite throughout the day. Choose healthy and light snacks if you always want to stay fit. It could even be flavored water.

Light dinner

In the evening, try not to snack or eat too densely. In general, try cutting out any meals 3-4 hours before bed. This is useful not only for the figure, but also has a positive effect on the quality of sleep: at a later time, the metabolic rate decreases markedly and the body becomes simply too lazy to bother with excess food.

The rule of two candies

The rule of "2 sweets" has helped to survive the early days of even the most severe diets for more than one generation of losing weight. It consists in the fact that you can strictly afford no more than 2 candies a day. It is important that "2 sweets" is a figurative concept: this rule refers to any product you cannot live without. For example, if you are very fond of cakes and pies, allow yourself one thin slice only in the morning, and so on.



More fluid

Water is the main tool for losing weight.It is she who helps a lot with the acceleration of metabolism, and also helps to eliminate toxins and toxins from the body. In addition, it is to a glass of water that those who lose weight always turn to when they want to eat something harmful, but willpower encourages them to remain vigilant.

More sleep

If we do not sleep at least 6-7 hours a day, we are stressed. Suffering from it, our body produces cortisol - a stress hormone. Well, as for bad mood, sleepiness and stress, we like to eat chocolates and wash down with sweet drinks, justifying ourselves by the fact that we now need it to raise our mood. In general, to avoid such a sad development of events, be sure to get enough sleep!

By the way, coffee, energy drinks, alcohol, overeating and the amino acid tyramine, which is found in foods such as cheese, chocolate, tomatoes, potatoes and certain types of meat, are the main enemies of good sleep.

More physical activity

Graceful muscular relief and a beautiful, slender body: isn't that what everyone who decides to give up unhealthy and hazardous food achieves?

Exercise, run, go to the gym, spin a hoop, exercise at home, go for walks - regular physical activity is a must for weight loss and fat loss. We guarantee that you won't succeed without it.

Don't get hung up on food

Not thinking about food when you are starving for the third day in a row is not an easy task. But avoiding this task is very simple: first, stop starving and eat something healthy, and then don't let the thoughts of cakes and chips overwhelm you. Keep yourself busy with something important and interesting - and you yourself will not notice when you are hungry again.

Motivate yourself

Motivation is one of the ingredients for success. Think about what you will achieve when you lose N-th number of kilograms. Imagine how great a little black dress would fit on you, or even buy one to hang in a prominent place and count the days when you can wear it. Do not be lazy to find a new motivation when the old one is no longer relevant.

Keep healthy recipes close at hand

A healthy diet is made up of healthy recipes. They should always be in your head or close at hand: so you will not be tempted to eat something harmful or cook a dish from completely non-dietary products. If you still do not have a dozen or two simple useful recipes for your diet in your arsenal, our site is always happy to help you find those.

Set a goal

If you want to lose weight or achieve any specific parameters, set a clear, specific goal for yourself. So you, firstly, immediately realize which path you have to go, and secondly, you will be able to adequately assess your strength and tune in to productive work. By the way, we strongly recommend taking into account the indicators of not only the weights, but also the centimeter, as well as changes in the quality and amount of physical activity that you can perform.

Count calories

Even an approximate calculation of calories will help save you from overeating, because dietary and very healthy meals can have a high energy value. Get in the habit of reading food labels to help you estimate calories and adjust portion sizes.

Use gadgets and apps

For adherents of any diet today, there are a huge number of topical applications that will allow you to calculate your ideal weight and daily calorie intake, control your physical activity and maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A couple of apps on your smartphone that regularly remind you to drink a glass of water or take five minutes for a snack will help you lose weight easily and almost effortlessly. Pay attention to the various gadgets that can count steps, kilometers and the number of calories burned per workout.



Be harsher on yourself

When you run out of all the forces and means, rely only on your willpower - the only means for losing weight that will never fail. Weighing and measuring with a centimeter can give an error, you can make a mistake in calculating calories, but you can always be frank with yourself and, when you are going to eat too much, ask yourself: "Am I really hungry?" A direct and honest answer will speed up the approach of the desired result, strengthen your willpower and help you more easily endure any restrictions.

… but allow yourself to relax sometimes

You've probably heard of cheating - an effective way to boost your metabolism, even on a tough diet. Cheating involves increasing the daily calorie intake to the maximum (upper limit), and does not mean at all that you can eat whatever you want.

The second way to relax a little is to at least occasionally arrange for yourself a day when you can pamper yourself with your favorite dishes. For many, this tactic will help avoid disruptions.

Try keeping a food diary

The food diary disciplines and allows you to track the smallest changes in your body. Write down not only everything that you ate during the day, but also the amount of water you drink, and once a week, do not forget to record the volumes and weight. By the way, applications on smartphones allow you to keep a diary in a very convenient way.

Understand proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Eating harmoniously and correctly means correctly combining proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet. These macronutrients are closely interconnected and are equally necessary for our body. Separate nutrition and some diets imply the rejection of whole groups of nutrients, and this is stress for the body and, as a result, no positive result.

Give up sugar

Sugar is a sweet drug. As you overcome the difficult period of "withdrawal", you will see that the weight has moved from a dead center, the volumes magically began to go away, the skin became clear and radiant, and the general well-being became much better. Sugar finds weak points in the body and can cause irreparable damage to our internal organs. In addition, it is fast carbohydrates that are the main enemies of a slim figure.

Do not starve

Surely you are well aware of the consequences of going to the supermarket on an empty stomach. Hunger provokes us to overeat and forces us to choose foods that we could easily give up if we had time to snack or did not neglect breakfast. The best internal hunger test is an imaginary apple. If you don't want an apple, you don't want to eat.

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