How To Lose Weight For The New Year And Fit Into Your Favorite Dress? 5 Effective Tips From A Nutritionist

How To Lose Weight For The New Year And Fit Into Your Favorite Dress? 5 Effective Tips From A Nutritionist
How To Lose Weight For The New Year And Fit Into Your Favorite Dress? 5 Effective Tips From A Nutritionist
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A little more than a month is left before the New Year, and many women have found that the festive dress does not fit at all the same as before, if not very little. The first thought is to urgently start extreme weight loss! However, not everything is so simple, warns nutritionist Natalya Afanasyeva.

Every woman on New Year's Eve wants to look irresistible, and this concept, of course, includes a slender silhouette. And also corporate parties are coming, at which you need to slay colleagues on the spot with a tight dress. But what if the figure is far from ideal? We turned for advice to a dietitian, a therapist, leading author's seminars on proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles, a teacher of the "Nutrition Consultant" course and an expert of the project Julia Vysotskaya "Innocent Club" Natalia Afanasyeva.

The autumn-winter period, - explains Natalya, - is not the best time for weight loss. Physiologically, during these months, the body is set to store energy: few hours of sunshine, stress and overwork associated with the end of the calendar year do not contribute to weight loss. Weight loss in itself is another stress, so choosing tough restrictions a month before the New Year is more expensive for yourself. If you really do yourself in the hope of losing a few pounds, you should opt for a soft, comprehensive program.

NO: Juice Fasting Detoxing Low Calorie Mono Diets All of the above is likely to make you look unhappy by the New Year holidays, and your skin, hair and nails won't say thank you for sure. What to do? Read below!

1. Massage and hardware procedures. If you have denied yourself this for a long time, it's time to pamper! Go to the salon and, in consultation with a specialist, select a massage program. This will help improve skin tone, boost your mood and be a great investment in your own health. 2. Physical education. Not! No need to run to the gym and buy an annual subscription, leave this idea until the best time (including financial ones). Walking on the street in such weather is unlikely to force anyone, but everyone can do the banal exercise "plank" and "vacuum" in the morning before work! It takes little time, and considerable results can be achieved in a month! 3. Vitamin and mineral complexes. Today, most doctors agree on vitamin D, it is desirable for all residents of Russia to take it, especially in winter. Consult your doctor about the dosage. Medicines with magnesium citrate and vitamin B6 can be purchased to help the nervous system cope with stress.

If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in particular with the liver or gallbladder, it's time to drink a course of mineral water ("Essintuki-4", "Donat"). The main thing is not to get carried away, observe the dosage and first undergo an ultrasound scan.

4. Normalization of sleep! Do not neglect the night's rest, in December the body needs a sound and regular sleep. Put your gadgets aside, reschedule difficult conversations, and find an extra hour to get good sleep. So you will reduce the level of general anxiety and it will be easier for the body to cope not only with daily difficulties, but also with the restructuring of lifestyle and nutrition. 5. Correction of the diet! Do not try to embrace the immensity and change everything at once. It is better to move in small steps, so there are more chances to consolidate the success. Natalia recommends the following.

diet. Try to think about meal times. The main rule is that at least 12 hours must pass between dinner and breakfast. Between meals (there may be 3-4), keep clean intervals without snacking. water balance.Everyone knows to drink enough water, but few do. Make it a rule to drink a glass of water in one gulp in the morning before breakfast. Then drink the water in small sips throughout the day. Try to carry a water bottle with you so you don't forget. In the autumn-winter period, it is good to drink warm water. You can add ginger and lemon there - it's both tasty and healthy. cellulose. The best place to start adjusting your diet is to add vegetables and fruits. There is no need to chase exotic things, seasonal root vegetables, fermented vegetables, for example, sauerkraut, are suitable. Choose seasonal fruits too - now there are apples, persimmons and tangerines on the shelves. protein. It is not worth reducing it, you need to monitor its sufficient content (usually 1 gram of protein per 1 kg of weight) in the diet. Replace meat products partially with fish and seafood. fat. Reduce the amount of animal fat, but eliminate it completely, and in general, you should not be afraid of fat. 40-45 grams of fat per day is fine. Calculate your daily calorie intake using any convenient app. By reducing the number of calories by only 15%, you can quite easily get rid of a few pounds. fasting day. If, after a week of adherence to the regimen, you feel good, you can make a fasting day. It can be carried out once a week, for example, in broth with herbs, on proteins with vegetables, or made with sour milk.

Natalya is sure that you can start changing your life for the better any day. The main thing is to choose a comfortable mode for this, because you need to answer the question: how long can I live in such a rhythm? And, given the upcoming holidays, and honestly admit, can you continue to adhere to these rules during lavish feasts? Losing weight can be a joy, you just need to approach the issue comprehensively and take your time.

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