How Sex Affects Facial Skin

How Sex Affects Facial Skin
How Sex Affects Facial Skin
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First of all, you need to understand that sex in girls is associated with the production of three different hormones. Estrogen and oxytocin have a positive effect on the skin, but prolactin does not. Now let's take a closer look at these processes.

How estrogens affect facial skin

When we have sex, the amount of female sex hormones - estrogens - increases in our body. They are produced by the ovaries and promote more active secretion of vaginal mucus. It is this hormone that is responsible for our femininity, attractiveness and even character. Estrogen promotes cell renewal throughout the body, which means it maintains youth and health.

There is also estrogen deficiency, which usually happens to us in the second half of the cycle. Have you noticed a lack of energy, poor performance, bad mood and even insomnia at this time? The reason may be just hormones. On the contrary, when you are full of energy and strength, do not worry every minute and are ready to conquer the whole world, this probably means that the amount of estrogen in the body has increased. Take note to control your mood! For example, a creamy milkshake or vitamin E will help you to cheer up a little: they increase the production of estrogen.

How prolactin affects facial skin

But during sex, namely at its peak, the amount of prolactin in the body also grows. This hormone is responsible for the formation of breast milk in us. It is localized in the mammary glands. This is why our breasts swell a little and become elastic during sex. Prolactin releases male hormones that quickly degrade the quality of skin and hair. The thing is that prolactin regulates water-salt metabolism in the body and delays the excretion of water and salt by the kidneys.

How oxytocin affects facial skin

Another female hormone is oxytocin. He makes us very gentle and awakens affection in us. Especially a lot of it is produced after childbirth. This is the idea of ​​nature, thanks to which mothers love their children so much. Also, oxytocin is released in large quantities in stressful situations, increasing the functioning of the immune system.

During sex, oxytocin has a direct effect on the smooth muscles of the uterus: it begins to contract, and its tone increases. After orgasm, oxytocin and prolactin awaken real maternal feelings in a woman. This explains our caring behavior towards a man. Hence the desire to hug and talk after intimacy.

The effect of oxytocin on the skin of the face is certainly positive, because the hormone stimulates the activity of the immune system and prevents the development of opportunistic microflora on the skin. In addition, it helps the body to more actively process glucose, which, on the contrary, promotes the growth of bacteria that lead to inflammation.

Thus, in general, thanks to sex, our skin really looks better, but it is only impossible to solve serious problems, such as acne, with the help of intimacy.

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