Five Foods That Cause Cellulite Are Named

Five Foods That Cause Cellulite Are Named
Five Foods That Cause Cellulite Are Named

Video: Five Foods That Cause Cellulite Are Named

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Video: The Flab Five: 5 factors that cause cellulite 2023, February

International nutritionist Natalia Kalve spoke about products that provoke the appearance of cellulite in women. Her words are quoted by the LVanguardia edition. The nutritionist listed five foods. According to the doctor, there is no direct relationship between being overweight and having cellulite. Thin women also face this problem. The main reason is the deformation of the fatty layer. To minimize the appearance of cellulite on the skin, you should exclude sausage products, coffee, white bread, sugary sodas and cereals from your diet.

As the nutritionist explained, cereals contain a large amount of sugar and refined flour. Soda doesn't really saturate, and sausages contain substandard fats. Caffeine traps fluid, which prevents tissue cells from being supplied with oxygen as actively as they should. That is why you should avoid these products so as not to provoke the appearance of cellulite.

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