How To Prepare The Body For Autumn To Avoid Vitamin Deficiency

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How To Prepare The Body For Autumn To Avoid Vitamin Deficiency
How To Prepare The Body For Autumn To Avoid Vitamin Deficiency

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It's time to admit it: September is about to come into its own, and with it the traditional autumn vitamin deficiency. We propose this time to play ahead and try to prevent the onset of general body fatigue, depressing weakness and permanent bad mood. What to do in order to preserve vigor of body and spirit even after the summer leaves - says the therapist of the Semeynaya clinic Ekaterina Borisovna Serebryakova.

Contact an allergist

The main reason for visiting this specialist in the fall is a possible exacerbation of allergies if you suffer from it during the warm season. Do not forget that remission is also possible in the off-season, because during this period a large number of allergens are also present in the environment: plants are still blooming, various fruits are ripening, insects are active, the bites of which can cause an allergic reaction. And in the air (especially outside the city) there are pores of mold fungi. If you have allergy symptoms at this time of year, then you should not ignore them or self-medicate. It is best to consult an allergist. By the way, allergy symptoms are often confused with the manifestations of acute respiratory viral infections, which is why there is a risk of choosing the wrong medication.

Get vaccinated

There is a lot of controversy about whether it is worth getting vaccinated in our time. It is not for nothing that the topic of vaccination is called one of the most dangerous in social networks: if you start it on your blog, a dozen outraged opponents or supporters of the procedure have already appeared in the commentary. If you still have a positive attitude to vaccinations, then doctors recommend that they be carried out in the fall - for both adults and children. Priority is given to vaccinations against influenza and pneumococcal infections. This is due to the fact that outbreaks of these diseases occur in winter, and it takes time to develop immunity against their pathogens.

Visit a psychotherapist

With the onset of autumn, the length of daylight hours decreases rapidly, which has a detrimental effect on the mood and general condition of the body. It is also affected by sudden changes in pressure, a drop in air temperature, climate change … It is not surprising that in such a situation, many of us are discouraged. Biological rhythms and hormonal levels change. If you often feel unwell and feel unwell with the onset of cold weather, try seeking help from a psychotherapist. Sometimes a couple of consultations are enough to restore peace of mind.

Make an appointment with a neurologist

From the rapid change of weather, people suffering from vascular sensitivity, or having problems in the work of the cardiovascular or nervous systems, begin to suffer from headaches, weakness, chronic fatigue and problems with blood pressure. If you notice similar symptoms in yourself, hurry to a neurologist: he will identify the cause of the ailments and prescribe an individual treatment. Massage, exercise therapy, sports or drug therapy can help.

How to decide

If you cannot decide which of the doctors to make an appointment with in the first place, then it is best to contact a therapist. He will be able to draw up a general examination plan and refer you to the right doctors. The main thing is not to choose your own treatment and diagnose yourself.

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