5 Worst Ways To Lose Weight

5 Worst Ways To Lose Weight
5 Worst Ways To Lose Weight

Video: 5 Worst Ways To Lose Weight

Video: 5 Worst Ways To Lose Weight
Video: 5 WORST WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT!! 2023, March

What sacrifices people do not make in order to lose weight, and often losing only money is the best of the consequences. But sometimes the cherished numbers on the scales carry with them serious health consequences. 5. Liposuction


Alla Borisovna has demonstrated how "effective" liposuction is many times. Dangerous, like any other operation, liposuction has a temporary and very dubious effect, which ultimately leads to an even greater increase in volume.

In addition, doctors say that it is relatively safe for a person to undergo anesthesia three times in a lifetime. Should you give one of them for the sake of pumping fat?

4. Bath and sauna

Increased sweating does not lead to weight loss. In a bath with sweat, you lose water, which returns immediately after you drink any liquid.

What you really lose by using this method of losing weight is breasts that “don't like” exposure to high temperatures.

In a steam bath, sauna and even a hot bath, the breast loses its tone and becomes lethargic and saggy.

3. Hungry diets

The most popular and most useless way to lose weight. You can't go on a diet indefinitely. Any diet inevitably leads to a breakdown and even more weight gain. In addition, during stress, you run the risk of seriously undermining your health and disrupting metabolism, after which you will recover even from the "smell" of food.

Choose not a diet, but a nutrition system that you can stick to for many years.

2. Artificial induction of vomiting

Often this method is chosen by young girls, among whom there is a widespread myth that models lose weight in this way.

No, this is not how models lose weight. Models count calories and exercise. By inducing vomiting, you disrupt the motility of the gastrointestinal tract and over time run the risk of developing a conditioned reflex in the form of vomiting after any meal. The body will not be able to perceive food. Unfortunately, the consequences are dire and require long and serious treatment.

1. Diet pills, laxatives and diuretics

At best, while taking pills, you will be in constant search of a toilet, and at worst, you will lose health.

I'll tell you an incident from my life that happened before my eyes. My classmate's wife lost weight with the help of the infamous "Swallow".

At first everything looked relatively normal, she was slowly losing weight, but this is what happened then. Then everything went wrong. In one week, the girl lost 11 kg and her legs were taken away. She could no longer walk. The man melted before our eyes and later the doctors abandoned her. It was almost over. Fortunately, the family did not give up and they found an old professor in some hospital who undertook to help them.

The girl was cured, but she received a disability and a completely shattered psyche. This later led to a divorce.

As for laxatives and diuretics, then probably all of us will find friends who are suffering from the fact that they can no longer do without taking pills. And they are all overweight.

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