Why Is It So Hungry In Winter And How To Save The Figure

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Why Is It So Hungry In Winter And How To Save The Figure
Why Is It So Hungry In Winter And How To Save The Figure

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When there is snow outside the window, you can't just take and refuse the third portion of pancakes with chocolate. It sounds like an attempt to justify itself, but for some reason we really want (and should!) Eat more in winter. It remains only to accept, well, or sublimate.


Researchers have found that in the cold season, we consistently gain 1–2 kg and eat an average of 86 more calories per day. And if everything is more or less clear with weight, then with extra calories, there was clearly some kind of mistake. 86 ?! Yes, we have more chewing gum per day. And by the way, why?


No, this is not when “all men are goats” and you want a new dress (and no, that's not why we have assembled such a whole gallery). SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is quite an official disease. True, not critical and almost not contagious. It's just dark outside, it's cold in the apartment, there is a lot of work (and all the men are goats).

We are looking for happiness in food for a reason, because high-calorie carbohydrate and fatty foods, which contain glucose and tryptophan, provoke the synthesis of serotonin, better known as the "happiness hormone", which is lacking in depression.

How to distract yourself: it is not necessary to justify tryptophan for a bowl of pasta, seized by cookies. It can be found with equal success in lean meats (chicken, turkey), fish, cheese, dates, and tomatoes. A cup of hot dark chocolate will do fine too, if within reason. But glucose, which is really the basis of all cakes and cupcakes, is best obtained from plant foods, since fruits are now available all year round. In this case, she will not sharply increase blood sugar levels, a decline in which will inevitably lead to a decline in strength and mood, which means what? That's right: hello SAD!


Our favorite myth is about the fatty layer, which is necessary for heating the body. Unfortunately, scientists have proven that only brown fat can "heat" the body, and buns, alas, are only capable of white fat. Useless white fat. R.I.P, the perfect excuse.

However, there is one reason that really takes place. In ancient times, people associated the cold period of the year with indispensable hunger, so they, literally like bears, were stocked up for the winter. Yes, they tried so hard that they already gave rise to the so-called lean gene, which even today, as soon as the thermometer drops below a comfortable temperature, instantly activates, forcing you to eat everything that comes to hand. Who is able to resist the “call of the ancestors”?

How to distract yourself: do not freeze. Make sure that the apartment and office are always warm and do not dress too lightly if you are going outside. As in the case of light, our main task is to make the body believe that, in general, it is not so cold there, so we can wait a little with supplies.


We continue our excursion into the wonderful world of hormones (and we have them somewhere between 60 and a billion). All you need to know about melatonin is that it is responsible for synchronizing sleep and wakefulness, and is only produced at night. Accordingly, the longer the night, the more melatonin, and the more this hormone, the more you want to sleep during the day.

Ironically, in most mammals, elevated melatonin leads to decreased appetite. Everything is logical: winter has come, food has become scarce, and you need to eat less. Only man, the crown of nature, does everything in his own way, and with an excess of melatonin, we want to eat more and more.

How to distract yourself: do not miss the daytime! Take a walk in the fresh air for at least half an hour, and in the evening (we know that you haven't walked anyway!) Do not save money in the apartment, thereby deceiving your body.And try to get a good night's sleep, because lack of sleep leads to an excess of the hormone ghrelin (the third went), provoking the feeling of hunger, and vice versa, prevents the development of leptin, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety.


Too long nights lead to a lack of "sunny" vitamin D in the body, because not only is there very little light, we also wrap ourselves in scarves and gloves so that we do not leave the sun the slightest chance to "synthesize" with the skin. Scientists still don't understand why this happens, but they have already found out for sure that people with D deficiency store fat faster and are more likely to suffer from depression. And how easy it is to give up on yourself, leading it in the mirror!

How to distract yourself: in order to prevent fat from absorbing you, absorb more fish yourself (and only 150 g of salmon is enough for the daily allowance, but you will have to tinker with cod, because as much as 900 g of this fish contain the same amount of substance!).


The fact that in winter, fluid from the body evaporates no slower than in summer is a discovery for many people. Meanwhile, dry air in air-conditioned or heated rooms provokes dehydration worse than the Thai sun. But we are so unprepared for this that we often confuse the feeling of thirst with the feeling of hunger. Check by the way, are you thirsty or hungry right now?

How to distract yourself: the answer is, in general, obvious. The best way to understand what signal the body is actually giving is to drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. With dehydration, the discomfort in the stomach will pass. Herbal tea or hot water with honey and lemon can be a good alternative to regular water (and will not freeze again).

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