Interesting Facts About Sports

Interesting Facts About Sports
Interesting Facts About Sports

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1. Before you let jogging into your life, you must first learn how to do it correctly. When we run, we experience both loads and, more importantly, overloads. Our feet feel 7 times more weight when we land while running. Also, if you are able to talk while jogging and not choke, then you are doing everything right; 2. There are various legends about the emergence of fitness, but one of the most true is obesity in the United States. In the 50s, the level of obesity, according to statistics, reached its climax and was the beginning of the birth of fitness; 3. Many women find that after a few months of regular fitness, PMS and pain during menstruation are significantly reduced; 4. The weight of the load that each muscle of the body could lift is a total of twenty-two tons; 5. Don't believe articles that say "best" times for fitness. Each organism is individual and there is no one common optimal time for everyone. Someone is awake in the morning and ready for training, while someone is happy to stretch a body tired after office in the gym in the evening. The same is with pre-workout nutrition: there are people who find it easier to eat before exercise and feel good, but there are others - they eat strictly after exercise; 6. Unexpectedly, in football, referees must necessarily engage in fitness. They even take mandatory sports exams before important championships;

7. Our body sometimes works like a Swiss watch. The more regularly you exercise, the faster your body creates a habit of burning fat. Even with skipping classes, fat continues to be burned, and at the same time of day when you usually work out; 8. If your coach often changes the training program, then this is a huge plus not only for the development and elasticity of your body, but also for your mind. With a variety of exercises, stress resistance and intelligence develops; 9. This obscure white powder, which is used in weightlifting when lifting a barbell, is called magnesia. It is needed as a powder to remove moisture from the palms, and it also helps to improve friction with the bar; 10. Many people wonder why some swimmers need a second swimming cap. The answer is very simple - she holds glasses so that they do not slide off her face when in contact with water; 11. If you put on a fitness bracelet on your child, who has just learned to walk, then by his old age the bracelet will count him about 200 million steps, which is equal to about 113 thousand kilometers; 12. Watching porn is not only enjoyable, but also beneficial for the body - the production of testosterone has a beneficial effect on muscle growth during exercise; 13. If you have a well-developed imagination, then with an imaginary training in your head, processes are triggered that are responsible for a favorable result from training in reality. Also, at the same time, there is even a rush of blood to the muscles, not to mention the training of the brain itself; 14. Snacks are only needed when you experience a real feeling of hunger that does not go away after you drink a glass of water. In all other cases, fractional meals, which include these snacks, can do more harm than good; 15. The short stature of many gymnasts is due to its slowdown due to the load on the bones and cartilage in childhood;

16. The inability to calmly chat or engage in any kind of mental work after an intense session speaks not just of the body's fatigue, but of overwork. There is nothing useful in this and it is worth reconsidering the load; 17. It's a strange fact, but the clenching of the jaws when lifting a heavy weight is not just reflex - it also helps in this difficult, literally, matter; 18.If you are an office worker, then most likely you are familiar with osteochondrosis. Swimming can help you cure it by going to the pool two to three times a week for several months. Good hand endurance is a bonus; 19. In this difficult time of total lung problems, fitness helps to saturate the blood with oxygen. Almost any sport contributes to this; 20. During their performances, synchronized swimmers accurately perform their movements to the music, not only because they remember every swing every second - there are speakers installed in the pool, from which a piece of music sounds; 21. Light fasting not only helps in the fight against fat, but also prevents the growth of cancer cells; 22. Metabolism alone cannot cope with weight gain. Even if you eat all the right foods and count calories, your weight can increase by 8-10 kilograms per year if you ignore healthy activities and sports. The figure is certainly not the most terrible, but also not the most pleasant, if we take into account the amount for at least two years; 23. If you suffer from insomnia, you should first go to fitness, not to the pharmacy. After all, everyone knows that a good workout improves healthy sleep several times, but various types of sleeping pills only harm the body; 24. It is often said that jogging in the morning increases libido in both men and women; 25. Walking an 18-hole golf course with equipment is comparable to walking a distance of eight kilometers;

26. Everyone used to think that cruelty in the past centuries was manifested more often, but nevertheless, boxing was allowed as a sport only in 1900, as it was considered too cruel for those times; 27. To train memory, elderly people are advised to do aerobics;

28. Almost all the muscles of the body are involved in tennis. And also tennis excellently improves blood circulation, strengthens our bones, has a beneficial effect on cardiac activity; 29. Fitness also reduces the risk of thrombosis, as it can affect the reduction of cholesterol levels, which accumulate in blood vessels and cause vascular blockage; 30. Our self-esteem, which so often ruins our lives, can improve dramatically with regular exercise. It doesn't matter what kind of sport you do - in any case, your brain will think that you are becoming more beautiful from workout to workout.

31. Healthy activity is the best prevention of diseases such as diabetes or depression.

32. Older people are most effective in maintaining good spirits and good health by playing tennis, swimming and badminton. Regular bike rides will not be superfluous.

33. Olympic standards regulate in detail a wide variety of equipment parameters for sports exercise. For example, they stipulate that the temperature of the water in the pool should fluctuate between twenty-seven and twenty-eight degrees.

34. The familiar red table tennis ball should weigh two and a half grams.

35. The list of countries participating in the FIFA World Cup changes every time. And there is only one country that participated in each of them. And this is, of course, Brazil.

36. Are you familiar with such a sport as field hockey? It is customary to play this unusual hockey on blue artificial turf. This color scheme is not accidental: for judges and spectators (and for the players themselves) it is much more convenient when a bright yellow ball can be seen on a contrasting coating from a distance.

37. Ordinary hockey is a difficult sport and fraught with health and appearance. So, according to research estimates, two-thirds of all players have lost at least one tooth during training and matches.

38.When measuring the length of a jump in competitions of the same name, the reference point is taken the place at which the first contact with the surface after the athlete has jumped. In this regard, all participants try to stretch both their arms and legs to avoid accidental touching before they finally land.

39. The Olympic flag with five rings symbolizes the interaction of the five continents. It is noteworthy, however, that a separate continent is not assigned to each color. Moreover, the colors were not chosen as a persistent association with one of the continents. They were chosen this way - red, yellow, black, green and blue - because these are the colors most often seen on national flags.

40. The Vatican has participated in the championships only once. Their only match was against Monaco. None of the teams scored a goal to the opponent. The score remained at zero.

41. A ball thrown by a professional volleyball player can accelerate to a speed of one hundred and thirty kilometers per hour, and a puck hit by a hockey player - up to one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour.

42. The speed record was set by the athlete from Jamaica Usain Bolt. This man was able to run one hundred meters in nine point fifty-eight hundredths of a second. The record was set in 2009.

43. Do you know that the well-known pentathlon is nothing more than the situations that were the officer's daily routine when delivering a report? Indeed, in order to get through the enemy's camp, the informer had to ride, and fence, and shoot, and swim, and run.

44. The famous Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso was fond of racing from an early age. So, he rolled on his first map at the age of three!

45. An unprecedented case - jersey number zero at football matches. Such a number began to be worn by the famous Moroccan of the Scottish national club Zeruali. The fact is that his surname is consonant with the number "zero" (Zero in English). The fans assigned such a nickname to the football player, and later he was the only one in the history of football allowed to play in a uniform with a zero number.

46. ​​The first Olympic Games, held by the ancient Greeks, did not include clothing for athletes. All competitions were held naked.

47. The tallest basketball player on Earth is a Chinese! They did not expect? Meanwhile, this is true, and Song Mingmin, whose height is two meters thirty-six centimeters, really was awarded this title.

48. Rugby, or American football, never became an Olympic sport for one simple reason: first of all, this game fell in love with the Americans, but in other countries it did not cause such a stir. Therefore, the International Olympic Committee considered that it would be unfair to create a new competition for only one country.

49. But judo, even though it was originally a martial art in Japan, similar to self-defense, was loved by athletes from other countries, and therefore in 1964 it was included in the list of Olympic sports.

50. Many people are interested in what Olympic medalists and winners get for their awards in competitions. In this case, everything depends on the country that the athlete represents. The amount of reward for each prize place varies.

51. In Russia, for example, a medal is estimated at sixty thousand dollars. The most expensive victory is estimated in Italy - where the winner can count on one hundred eighty-five thousand prize dollars.

52. Fun fact: the Stanley Cup never goes to the winners. They only get a copy, while the original is kept in Toronto, housed in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

53. Earlier, the Olympic flame, the tradition of lighting which originated in Ancient Greece, was a place of sacrifices. Naturally, now such rituals are already considered a relic of the ancient past.

54. What is freestyle swimming? This is literally any swimming method chosen by an athlete.Very often, participants in the competition choose a crawl and its various varieties as such, but, nevertheless, no one limits their imagination and preferences: you can even swim like a dog.

55. What sport do you think is most often filmed about? The answer on the surface is boxing. It is believed that it is precisely the paintings filled with pain, audacity and struggle with oneself with spectacular fights that most sink into the souls of the audience.

56. The training technique of the Norwegian Magnar Solberg is amazing. This man, who had not previously received any awards, trained himself in biathlon, shooting, while lying on an anthill. The ants stung the man, but he learned not to react at all like any external stimuli. Solberg's efforts did not go unsuccessful: in 1968 he became an Olympic champion.

57. Why are most of the gymnasts usually short, albeit very proportional? It is believed that this sport requires a similar build. But it's not that. In many ways, the growth of gymnasts predetermines their training regimen, and specifically, the load on the cartilage that is located at the ends of human bones. During intensive gymnastics, which is often left at an early age, these cartilages wear out, and therefore growth slows down, and sometimes stops altogether.

58. Many people wonder if it is okay to eat before exercise. The answer is purely individual. Some people will be better off grabbing a protein snack a couple of hours before class, while others, on the contrary, are much more effective on an empty stomach.

59. By itself, training, despite the common stereotype, reduces appetite, and does not inflame it.

60. According to the ten minute rule, even this time per day will be enough to keep your body in good shape and improve your well-being. In this regard, it will no longer work to deny that you have absolutely no time to study.

61. You must drink! If your body is even a little dehydrated, then you lose a lot in productivity. Strength training is best done only if you drink enough water.

62. Walking is no worse than running! This is often overlooked and does not equate brisk or long walking with a sport. Nevertheless, walking, like other sports, performs all the therapeutic functions correctly: your blood circulation is stimulated, a charge of vivacity appears, and calories are burned. So why isn't this a workout?

63. But if you are serious about losing weight, then it is better to choose swimming, not jogging. When you swim, you get both cardio and strength training.

64. It is noteworthy that men can lose weight faster than women. This is due to the fact that during exercise, the male body burns more fat than the female.

65. Coffee has been proven to boost your athletic performance! Caffeine is very invigorating, and much better if you consume it than artificial additives. Many athletes drink coffee before training.

66. The hangover goes away if you decide to work out in the morning! It is confirmed that the symptoms of post-alcohol syndrome also disappear with sweat.

67. But sport does not improve immunity. In any case, the researchers have not yet confirmed this. Sport can be a prevention of cardiovascular diseases, bone fractures, muscle strains, but its direct connection with the immune system has not yet been established.

68. Healthy skin is the result of a good workout! People who play sports have much healthier skin, it is radiant and has a natural color. And all because the face also needs to sweat well.

69. More sports - less psychological problems! And the reason is still the same: sport raises spirits, increases self-esteem and allows you to look more optimistic about many things.

70. During classes, the presence or absence of music does not affect productivity in any way. Of course, with music it is more interesting and more fun, but in essence it is not capable of giving you strength by itself.

71.Stretching before starting any activity is more than desirable! It is she who kneads the muscles, prepares them for stress and gives the necessary stimulus.

72. You need to breathe correctly! Always follow your breathing technique. During relaxation, you need to inhale, during exertion, exhale. If you breathe erratically, you run the risk of overwork, headache, or even loss of consciousness. The room in which you are working must be ventilated.

73. If nothing hurts after class, it does not mean at all that you were wasting. Muscle pain signals an unprepared body only that it has been strained. She doesn’t say anything yet that it was useful. So, you should not be upset if your muscles do not hurt after an intense workout.

74. You cannot dive into the pool of loads with your head! Even if it seems to you that you have greatly recovered over the winter, and you need to lose weight as soon as possible, bringing yourself to exhaustion is not an option. There will be far more harm than good from such desperate exertion.

75. Many girls believe that they should not engage in strength exercises: they are afraid that they will become too pumped up, which they categorically do not want. But the mountains of muscle on their own are not taken after several sets of push-ups: these are persistent, targeted workouts, an appropriate training regimen and dietary supplements. It's just that after strength training, nothing will happen.

76. To pump the press does not mean to lose weight in the stomach. It is stereotypically believed that exercise burns belly fat, but this is only partially true. For weight loss in the waist, one work on the press is not enough. Abs is good as an end in itself only for strengthening the abdominal muscles, and not for losing weight.

77. Clothes for fitness should be first of all high-quality and comfortable, and only then beautiful. She should not hinder movement. It is imperative that the fabric breathes and absorbs moisture well so that you do not sweat too much in it and so that you do not feel constrained. It is best to buy it in specialized stores.

78. Losing weight is both a sport and a proper diet. It is a mistake to believe that only one component will be enough to lose those extra pounds.

79. The hoop will not help you lose weight at the waist. It was created in order to stimulate blood circulation, but by itself it does not yet give a power load to the abdominal muscles.

80. There is hardly any chance of losing weight in just one part of the body. There is no such thing as to remove fat only on the belly, while leaving all other parts of the body unchanged. One way or another, they will also be affected, since there is no training program that would pump one muscle group completely in isolation from others.

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