How To Remove The Belly

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How To Remove The Belly
How To Remove The Belly

Video: How To Remove The Belly

Video: How To Remove The Belly
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Thinking not about how to pump up cubes on the press, but about how to get rid of a falling belly? A simple and effective way to quickly remove belly fat.

Why did the belly grow?

Having set yourself the task of removing the belly and sides, first of all it is necessary to understand exactly how this belly grew. Most obese people tend to attribute their forms to genetics, but the factor of weight gain is often a banal excess of calories from food and a love of sweets.

It is important to understand that simple carbohydrates are dangerous not only for their excessive calorie content, but also for the fact that they inflame the feeling of hunger, forcing again and again to look for food in sweets. Among other things, fast carbohydrates easily turn into a source of pleasure for the brain, forming an addiction.

Avoiding carbohydrates is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and lose belly fat. A carbohydrate-free diet is an example of a menu.

Danger of flavor enhancers

Monosodium glutamate is added to the vast majority of convenience foods and fast food products, which is a flavor enhancer. Despite the fact that glutamate itself is harmless, it dramatically improves the taste of food, making it much tastier and thus provoking overeating.

Gradually, a person develops food addiction - foods without monosodium glutamate (for example, cereals and vegetables) begin to seem overly bland and tasteless. Common table salt has a similar principle of action - and an excess of salt in the diet leads to fluid retention.

How to remove fat from the abdomen and sides?

The process of getting rid of excess belly fat is not just about doing any fat-burning exercise. If you really want to lose weight, you will have to reconsider your entire lifestyle and diet, and not just "give up the three unhealthy foods that grow your belly."

Give up junk food. The fight against belly and excess weight should be started not with exhausting physical activity and rigid diets, but with a smooth change in your diet and the formation of new eating habits. First of all, cut out high glycemic carbohydrates and eat more vegetables.

Set a “short term” goal. Tune in to the fact that in a month you will lose 5 kg - despite the fact that the figure does not look impressive, during the weather it is already minus 30 kg of excess weight. If you set yourself an unrealistically large goal ("lose 15 kg in a week"), you will easily forget about it and give up trying to lose weight.

Start a simple diet. Remember that weight loss diets are much more effective in men than in women. Compliance with even such simple diets as a carbohydrate or paleo diet can significantly reduce weight in the first weeks without any physical activity.

Move gently to sports. If you've never jogged, you don't need to force your body with daily 30-minute runs. The result will only be pain in the knees, not getting rid of the abdomen. In addition, those who lose weight often tend to overestimate how many calories a sport burns.

Explore the science behind fat burning. After you notice the first results of weight loss, study the "theoretical part" - FitSeven similarly wrote about how to lose weight properly. By understanding how your body sheds excess fat, you can focus your efforts on what actually works.

Replace fat with muscle. Gaining muscle mass will increase testosterone levels in the body, thus speeding up the natural processes of burning belly fat. However, it is important to separate the goals of losing weight and gaining muscle - unfortunately, you will not be able to lose weight and build up at the same time.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles. It is only necessary to move on to doing exercises to strengthen the abs when you can hide your belly under a T-shirt. Remember that any person has abs cubes, but many have them hidden under a layer of fat. In this case, only proper nutrition, and not exercise, can make the stomach flat.

Struggling to burn belly fat? A quick guide to the types of workouts that are most effective for losing weight quickly.

Should I give up fatty foods?

The connection between fat in food and fat deposition on the belly and sides is not nearly as simple as many people think. In moderate quantities, fats are critical for proper metabolism - their complete exclusion from the diet does not threaten weight loss at all, but rather a metabolic disorder.

Often, the "harm of fat" is the wrong combination of nutrients in foods and overeating. Almost all fatty foods contain significant amounts of carbohydrates - from fried potatoes to dumplings. As a result, the body is literally unable to cope with the shaft of calories.

Hormonal imbalance

Belly and flank fat isn't just an aesthetic issue. Such fat actively affects the metabolism and hormonal balance of the body. Scientific research shows that the more fat a man stores on himself, the more active this fat is in converting testosterone to estrogen (1Trusted).

The result is female-type breast growth, a decrease in muscle mass and a decrease in libido. Among other things, obesity leads to compression and displacement of intra-abdominal organs, as well as an increase in the load on bones and joints (2). As a result, the spine is curved and the gait changes.

To quickly remove the belly and sides, you must first of all increase the amount of fiber in the diet and give up simple carbohydrates. It is recommended to switch to physical training for weight loss after you manage to lose 5 kg solely with a diet at home.

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