How To Lose Weight By 76 Kg In A Year? Personal Experience Of Canadian Blogger Kelsey Bonas

How To Lose Weight By 76 Kg In A Year? Personal Experience Of Canadian Blogger Kelsey Bonas
How To Lose Weight By 76 Kg In A Year? Personal Experience Of Canadian Blogger Kelsey Bonas

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But before, the girl could not even fasten herself on the plane.

Kelsey Lynn Bonas at the age of 32 can boast of 13 thousand subscribers on Instagram. At first glance, it seems that this is a typical example for the modern world, when a pretty girl is gaining popularity by posting beautiful photos on a blog and talks about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, the Canadian story is far from simple. In 2018, Kelsey weighed 136 kg and was desperate because she didn't know what to do with her enormous overweight. She had problems with calorie control for a long time, but after the birth of three children, the situation became really critical. Extra pounds began to threaten health directly, and it became clear that if nothing was done, the consequences would be the most sad.

Burgers four times a day

Bonas didn't just love burgers and other fast food. Of course, sometimes you want something harmful when you walk around the mall or stuck stress with a basket of chocolate ice cream, but this is not the case. Our heroine ate fast food four times a day! The girl honestly admits that she could not help herself. And very often, when I just walked by one of the fast food restaurants, I looked at the billboard and immediately went for the coveted burger.

In the past, Kelsey saw nothing wrong with that. She believed that she could be beautiful and attractive at any weight, but she completely forgot about the fact that such a diet leads to serious health problems.

An airplane accident changed lives

The Canadian never thought about diets, never dreamed of losing weight. I just tried to live, raise children and enjoy the moment. Everything was changed by a case during one of the flights, from which Kelsey's unique transformation began.

Surgery and a strict diet led to a loss of 76 kg per year

By that time, health problems were already so widespread that diets were indispensable. In early 2019, Kelsey went for stomach reduction surgery, followed by a strict diet. In the first two weeks she managed to lose 10 kg, and in the calendar year - 76! How did she do it? Not single diets. As she lost weight, the girl was gradually able to start playing sports. And the less she weighed, the more active the training became. Plus, Bonas did a few more surgeries to remove excess skin.

The blogger admitted that at that time she felt unhappy and unlucky. Kelsey was so difficult due to the large number of operations that at times it seemed to her that she was close to death.

"Sometimes I really wanted a burger!"

Now 32, Kelsey looks like a Hollywood star or pop singer. Those who want to change take an example from her. But the Canadian continues to insist that there is nothing wrong with body positivity. She went to such harsh measures to lose weight not because she was afraid to feel ugly, but solely because excess weight could lead to irreversible health consequences and greatly affected the quality of life. And Bonas, as a mother of three, couldn't afford it. By the way, together with Kelsey, her husband began to play sports and monitor nutrition.

And yet the girl describes the past year as a huge test of strength. Kelsey cried a lot, more than once wanted to break loose, return to old habits and eat a burger. But she continued to fight for health and a slim figure.

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