The Main Enemies Of Male Potency

The Main Enemies Of Male Potency
The Main Enemies Of Male Potency

Video: The Main Enemies Of Male Potency

Video: The Main Enemies Of Male Potency
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A problem like decreased potency is known to many men. And specialists will help to cope with this ailment. However, in order to prevent this problem from occurring or to comprehensively approach treatment and a speedy recovery, there are a number of preventive measures that every man should follow.


If you have a romantic evening with a girl, it is important that potency is on your side; and so that she does not disappoint, do not forget about the important nuances that can affect her badly.

In today's article we will tell you what are the main enemies of potency.

stronger beverages

To feel liberated, relax and increase sexual desire, many men drink alcoholic beverages. It is good, of course, if a man clearly knows his measure and how alcohol affects his body. But even so, there is a risk of overdoing it. Therefore, it is best to give up alcohol before the date. Otherwise, there is a chance to fall asleep before reaching the most piquant moment; and if it comes to him, the erection can fail. If you really want to use an intoxicating drink during an exciting date, offer the girl a glass of champagne, but no more. This sparkling drink is considered to be the most suitable and exciting. However, its effect does not last long, so you need to choose the right moment.


The fact that smoking causes colossal harm to the entire body is no secret to anyone. However, smoking is also considered the main enemy of men's health. According to statistics, 90% of men who have erection problems are smokers; and this is not a coincidence. Tobacco provokes vasospasm throughout the body, including the reproductive organ. If this happens, then the erection will not come at the right time. Therefore, before the date, it is best to relieve the excitement in another way. If you smoke, do it after sex.


Coffee affects the body in the same way as cigarettes: blood vessels begin to narrow, interfering with the onset of an erection. A particularly explosive combination is coffee with cigarettes. Such a duet is incompatible with good sex. Heavy food

Foods with a lot of fats and trans fats give the body a lot of cholesterol, which gets into the blood vessels. Fatty foods cause metabolic problems, coronary artery disease, and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, such food will not reinforce before a date, but ruin it.

Instead of fatty foods, it is best to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, chili peppers, herbs, nuts, seafood, and red fish. These products contain useful vitamins and minerals that will keep blood vessels in good condition and promote sexual arousal. Food should be eaten without bread, as yeast and sugar inhibit erection. If you are used to eating only with bread, give preference to baked goods made from rye flour. Also, do not forget about the main helper of male potency - garlic. But don't use it just before the date, of course.


Many drugs are bad for libido. Most often these are drugs for pressure, peptic ulcers, as well as sedatives.

In order not to get into a mess on a date, there are several ways out of the situation. If the medicine is prescribed by a doctor, you can ask him to choose an alternative medicine without a potency-suppressing effect. If your medication schedule permits, do not drink it before your date. As a last resort, you can postpone the date by organizing it after the drug is canceled. Remember, you need to take medications to increase erection only according to the instructions, best issued by your doctor. Uncontrolled use of such drugs can be deadly.

Anabolic drugs

Anabolics are harmful to the body as a whole. But they are especially bad for sexual desire. When there are many of them in the body, the body "thinks" that it has an excess of testosterone. As a result, the body begins to produce less important male hormone "testosterone". In addition, the testes become smaller. Stress

Prolonged stress and anxiety stimulate the body to produce cortisol (stress hormone). This leads to weight gain and erection depression. Therefore, many people who often experience stress suffer not only from obesity, but also from problems with sexual arousal. Therefore, it is important to first get rid of stress, for example, with the help of psychologists or various relaxation techniques, and then improve your sex life. It is worth noting that a little emotional shake-up will be beneficial. Suggest that the girl can ride a roller coaster, compete in a go-kart or go to the cinema for a horror movie. From such emotions, adrenaline is released, which stimulates the production of testosterone.


Passionate reconciliation in bed can be found either in movies or early in a relationship. But when a couple have been together for many years, smoldering conflicts and claims accumulate, badly affecting relationships, and especially intimate intimacy. If you are planning an intimate relationship with your significant other, forget and let go of claims, quarrels and innuendo. It is best to forget the bad moments for good and say only gentle and good words to your partner.