Not Only A Beautiful Back: Why Do Men And Women Need Stretching

Not Only A Beautiful Back: Why Do Men And Women Need Stretching
Not Only A Beautiful Back: Why Do Men And Women Need Stretching

Video: Not Only A Beautiful Back: Why Do Men And Women Need Stretching

Video: Not Only A Beautiful Back: Why Do Men And Women Need Stretching
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Yoga lovers are sure that stretching gives a person youth and beauty. At the same time, people of any age can improve their flexibility. Why is stretching so important? How not to hurt yourself by stretching at home? At what age will we feel the benefits of additional flexibility training? About this and not only the editorial staff of "Word and Delo" talked with the trainer and rehabilitation therapist Alexei Koshuba.

What is stretching for a person?

According to the speaker, stretching is important at any age. With age, tendons and ligaments lose their elasticity, and muscles are less supplied with blood. All this can lead to the fact that a person may have problems with the spine. In addition, due to a sedentary lifestyle, the tendon ligaments are shortened. This will lead the person to a change in posture.

“Changing posture negatively affects internal organs. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, liver and genitals appear in both men and women,”the expert explains.

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At what age will we feel the benefits of flexibility?

Stretching is important at any age for both men and women. Although stretching will be easier for a woman, since she naturally has more elastic ligaments and tendons. With a good stretch, a person can literally do anything.

“For example, walking down the street, he slipped, and when he fell, he either controlled his body would not fall, or he would fall, but he would not pull anything for himself and would not tear. As often happens, especially in old age. Let me give you another example. Let's imagine that a person wants to lift something not very heavy from the floor. He bends, he naturally retains all the bends of the spine when bending, and he easily lifts the load. With poor stretching, the likelihood of injury is very high, and this is with a simple tilt of the body forward. You can easily injure your back in the lumbar region."

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Why is it important to stretch after strength training?

After strength training, when the muscles are in good shape, do not forget about flexibility exercises. This will help not only restore muscle blood supply, ligament and tendon flexibility, but also get elastic ligaments and stronger tendons.

“Stretching has to be done all your life. This will allow you to always be flexible and healthy and functional. Ligaments and tendons, which are elastic to the extent possible, help to live a full life."

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What are the benefits of excellent stretching?

There are many such advantages, the coach notes. First, stretching helps to keep your posture straight. This leads to the fact that all abdominal organs are in place, and not shifted.

“Means a healthy stomach and excellent digestion. The back is healthy. No back pain. The pelvic muscles are well supplied with blood, which means that everything is in order with the pelvic organs. There are no problems with potency and libido."

Secondly, women have problems with the pelvic bones after giving birth. With proper stretching, these problems can be alleviated. If you stretch correctly, then both headaches and migraines will not bother a person. Alexey also advises, at first, to do stretching with a competent specialist in stretching, Pilates or yoga.

“It's important to understand that stretching is a double-edged weapon. You can also hurt yourself if you do the wrong things in this direction. Practice with professionals everywhere. At home, you can also do it by hiring a coach at home or by doing it online. It is important to understand that errors are visible only from the outside."

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As the speaker summed up, when doing physical education, you need to remember about your health. You don't have to disappear in the gym to be healthy. You need to be disciplined and responsible, then the body will reciprocate.