The Great Depression: How To Cope With The Autumn Blues

The Great Depression: How To Cope With The Autumn Blues
The Great Depression: How To Cope With The Autumn Blues

Video: The Great Depression: How To Cope With The Autumn Blues

Video: The Great Depression: How To Cope With The Autumn Blues
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Great depression: how to cope with the autumn blues Bad mood in the morning, sad thoughts, unwillingness to go to work and the desire to lie in bed all day, wrapped in a warm blanket A familiar state? As the doctors would say: everything is clear with you. All the signs of the autumn depression are evident.

According to statistics, it is at this time of the year that a decrease in the emotional background is noted by 80 percent of people. Why does autumn depression occur and how to deal with it?


Despondency, irritability, anxiety or apathy, daytime sleepiness, decreased libido appear. Often drawn to eating forbidden foods: sweets, rolls, chips.

Typically, this seasonal mood disorder lasts two to three months. It would seem not very long. But during this time, the problem can lead to unpleasant consequences. You can lose your job, ruin your personal life.

Also, against the background of depression, internal and skin diseases can worsen. So even a shallow seasonal depression is not a joke, it cannot be ignored in any way.

Where does it come from?

Autumn blues is nothing more than a manifestation of the body's adaptation to seasonal changes. The day has become noticeably shorter, along with it, our hormonal background has changed. The length of daylight hours decreases, and the production of serotonin, the very "pleasure hormone" that is responsible for our good mood, also decreases. And the production of melatonin, the hormone that drives us to sleep, increases.

Without the summer sun, vitamin D, which is formed only under the influence of ultraviolet rays, does not enter our body. And with its deficiency, muscles begin to "lazy", mood worsens, fatigue increases.

And also, experts say, we do not have enough colors. Physiological studies show that color strongly affects the state of the nervous system. In summer, in nature, the green color relieves fatigue, irritability, and improves tone. Orange, yellow, red colors have a stimulating effect on our mood. That is why in Indian summer, at a time when autumn blazes with these colors, we are inaccessible to the blues.

What to do?

The good news is that depression in the fall usually heals quickly and successfully. In mild cases, self-medication is effective. The best cures for autumn melancholy are happy prospects and vigorous activity.

Rain outside the window is by no means a reason to give up jogging and walking in the fresh air. A favorite hobby will help you get away from sad thoughts. Read, watch TV shows, knit, run - this is a great opportunity to relax your body and soul.

If you have trouble sleeping, the main thing is to stay calm and not rush to take sleeping pills. Try to go to bed at the same time, preferably before 10 pm, when sleep restores the brain and the body as a whole. To fall asleep faster, take a relaxing bath and drink a glass of warm milk with honey. Ask a loved one for a relaxing massage.

Just before going to bed, don't watch the bad news and heartbreaking TV shows. Psychologists advise people prone to depression, if possible, to protect themselves from any negative information.

Regular physical activity helps to improve your mood. Sign up for fitness, yoga, or swimming. If you can't bring yourself to do it, start walking to and from work.

Many are helped by intimate conversations - with a parent, husband, friend, or work colleague. In such situations, you understand that you are not alone and that the other person may have the same experiences as you. If you look at it, all people have a set of basic experiences that they constantly analyze - relationships (with parents, soulmate, children) and career, from which the problem of stability, purpose and material well-being already follows.

There are also a number of effective methods that, however, will require financial costs from us. First of all, it is a bathhouse or spa.

Any new thing improves the mood well. No wonder they say that shopping can help fight depression. Enthusiasm for something is important. There is such a theory that the autumn depression will continue until 20 days are left before the New Year and corporate parties begin, the choice of gifts and the expectation of the holiday comes. And, of course, the ideal option is to go on a trip, but, alas, there is not always money and opportunities for it, especially now, in the era of coronavirus.

When is it time to sound the alarm?

You should consult a doctor if your autumn blues do not go away for more than two weeks, no way to improve your mood is working anymore, and depression is only gaining momentum. At this dangerous stage, it is difficult for you to maintain your usual lifestyle, it can come to problems concentrating on work and a complete reluctance to do anything at all.

Remember: never self-medicate. Even "mild" drugs sold over the counter in pharmacies can make the condition worse. For advice, it is better to consult a psychotherapist. And if there is no such specialist in the district clinic, make an appointment with a neurologist.

Ten foods for the fall depression

Dark chocolate. Probably the most famous of the natural mood elevators. Unlike milk and white chocolate, dark chocolate is good for your health and does not harm your figure.

Bananas. A very nutritious fruit. The substances contained in bananas cause feelings of delight and joy. Free bonus - vitamin B6, which is good for the nervous system.

Cheese. Contains amino acids that regulate the synthesis of "joy hormones" endorphins. Most of them are found in Roquefort.

Red fish. It contains omega-3 fatty acids. These are the very "healthy" fats that help you lose weight. They also suppress the production of stress and anxiety hormones.

Almond. Contains a lot of magnesium and vitamin B2, which contribute to the production of serotonin.

Seaweed. It is rich in iodine and pantothenic acid, which is responsible for the adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline.

Oatmeal. Contains thiamine and magnesium to protect against depression.

Chilli. Another product that will kill two birds with one stone is extra calories and a bad mood. Hot peppers speed up the metabolism (which allows you to burn fat faster) and enrich the body with capsacin, a substance that helps fight stress.

Seeds. Yes, the snapping of seeds does not look very aesthetically pleasing, but they contain a lot of folic acid, which normalizes the functioning of the nervous system.

Meat. Turkey, lamb and rabbit meat will save you from stress.