How To Quickly Seduce A Girl

How To Quickly Seduce A Girl
How To Quickly Seduce A Girl

Video: How To Quickly Seduce A Girl

Video: How To Quickly Seduce A Girl
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How to make a woman want sex using her weak points and the natural instincts of a passionate female? How to properly influence a woman's senses, causing her sexual desire and attraction? The data received by a person from the senses form the perception of the surrounding world and various sensations. We receive information through several basic senses: eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin. By correctly acting on these organs, a man can easily arouse sexual attraction in a girl.

This information is useful for those who do not have a girlfriend and those who already have one. If a woman does not really want sex, then you can cause attraction and wake up a passionate female in her.

How to quickly seduce a girl

1. Touch for seduction

Touch the girl. Men often neglect touch, not realizing its importance. But touching creates pleasant tactile sensations and excites the girl. Touch the girl. Stroke, touch, remember, touch or cuddle her. This is important at the initial stage of seduction and while already in a longer relationship. Touch makes women want sex. Massage, foreplay and other tactile tenderness increase a woman's attraction to a man. This will excite the girl.

2. Smell for seduction

Girls, with their cute noses, smell well. They turn up their nose from smelly men, and stick to pleasantly smelling ones. Scientists have proven that pheromones affect sexual behavior. Pheromones attract and encourage women to take action. A man should regularly monitor his body odor. The scent of sweat kills a woman's desire in the bud. The smell of a clean body, combined with the natural scent of a man, causes arousal in a woman. You can buy perfumes with pheromones that attract the opposite sex. But sometimes it is better to trust nature, not forgetting to maintain hygiene and use the light aromas of eau de toilette. 3. A taste for seduction

There are food aphrodisiacs that cause female attraction. List of the best pathogens and libido stimulants: ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, celery, mint, ginseng, lemon balm, anise. It is recommended to treat the girl with strawberries, avocados, bananas, peaches, cherries. Chocolate is a universal aphrodisiac for seducing a girl. Almost all girls believe that wine or champagne helps them get rid of panties faster.

4. Vision for seduction

When women look at sexy pictures, they look at almost everything except the genitals. Men only look at the breasts, butt and genitals of women.

Girls love dicks, but they will be more excited by a beautiful male appearance, a strong body, pumped up arms, a relief press and an elastic ass. The best way for a man is to go to the gym. What did you want?

During foreplay or sex, women want to contemplate a man. Leave the lights on or install a mirror in your bedroom.

5. Hearing for seduction

Girls fall in love with their ears. This has been proven many times by various loving writers and red-speaking playboys. Try to be positive, funny, and talkative. This attracts 90% of the girls.

But hearing is important not only during the process of falling in love, but also for the excitement of a girl. Talk to the girl during foreplay, whisper words of excitement in your ear, do not be silent during sex. Girls want the sound to accompany what is happening. A sullenly puffing man is not very sexy. Play good music for sex and make sounds of passion. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Do you like how girls moan during sex? They also want to hear something like that.

Many girls like dirty and dirty words in sex. Use watching dirty words for example: bitch, whore, pussy, cock, get nailed, fuck, have, suck, spank, and more. You choose the vulgar words in sex. Everyone has their own desires and vocabulary for dirty talk.

She will never have a headache! Using these five senses, you can increase a girl's sex drive and awaken a passionate female in her. Just do not ask the girl for mercy later. Women can be insatiable for sex!