Flying Gait And Sound Sleep Became The Consequences Of Coronavirus

Flying Gait And Sound Sleep Became The Consequences Of Coronavirus
Flying Gait And Sound Sleep Became The Consequences Of Coronavirus

Video: Flying Gait And Sound Sleep Became The Consequences Of Coronavirus

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Flying gait and sound sleep became the consequences of coronavirus

Deep sleep, flying gait, heartburn is gone - such unexpected consequences of the coronavirus were described by those who had recovered. Many people pay attention to the strange side effects of COVID-19, and research by scientists has shown that it sometimes acts as a pain reliever. It would seem that it is necessary to rejoice, but the majority of these miracles cause concern.


Here are a few messages from forums where patients with coronavirus share their feelings, Natalya O. was ill with the "crown" back in July, along with her mother and son. A month after her recovery, she noticed that she no longer suffered from heartburn (hernia, gastritis, reflux). Her mother's pain on the "left side of her head" has passed for many years. “Not a single neurologist was able to help with this ailment, but covid, it turns out, could,” the woman wonders. “But there’s no joy, as if the connection between the organs and the brain has disappeared.”

Diana B. after the coronavirus sleeps like a dead person, although she previously suffered from insomnia. Unfortunately, a deep sleep does not bring vigor, the feeling "as if the batteries are empty."

Daughter Alena B.'s eyesight improved, Anna D.'s heels stopped hurting from the load, and it became easier to walk in heels. Karina A. “got a kind of lightness, as if the weight had become two times less”. “With a flying gait, as if the legs were walking by themselves”, - boasted Idris A.

True, for some, these effects did not last long. Valentina H., who was blown out by any draft and air conditioner, three months after her illness felt that she had stopped catching a cold, but later everything returned to normal. Galina A. has a similar story - the migraine disappeared like a hand, but now the headache has returned.

A new study by scientists from the University of Arizona has shown that SARS-CoV-2 can drown out and even block the sensation of pain in the body. Experiments in mice have shown that the spike protein of the virus is capable of acting as an analgesic. Perhaps this explains the prevalence of the asymptomatic form of the coronavirus. Moreover, scientists believe that the coronavirus even removes chronic pain, like in arthritis.

- Patients who come to me about migraines, on the contrary, notice a deterioration after they have had COVID-19, - says neurologist Anna Tsvetkova, - I have never heard of the analgesic effect. More and more people are complaining of a severe headache against the background of an infection. The same is said by my colleagues.

Maybe people who suddenly got rid of their headaches in such an exotic way simply do not go to the doctor, since they are now doing well? In any case, there is still too little data to draw broad conclusions.

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