Heart-to-heart Conversations: Blogger @tetyamotya About Sports As A Lifestyle

Heart-to-heart Conversations: Blogger @tetyamotya About Sports As A Lifestyle
Heart-to-heart Conversations: Blogger @tetyamotya About Sports As A Lifestyle

Video: Heart-to-heart Conversations: Blogger @tetyamotya About Sports As A Lifestyle

Video: Heart-to-heart Conversations: Blogger @tetyamotya About Sports As A Lifestyle
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Katarina Kudryashova, stylist, blogger


In November, Natalya Davydova, better known by the nickname Aunt Motya, released the book "#pressuitelo" - a kind of almanac for those who dream of an ideal figure. We met with Natalia to ask her about the secrets of a healthy lifestyle.

How long did it take you to fully switch to proper nutrition?

It took about six months for it to develop into a pleasant habit, to become a pleasure. It is difficult to give up everything in one day and radically reconsider my diet, I went to this gradually, adding healthy foods to the diet, which eventually completely supplanted all sorts of harmfulness. For example, refusing to eat sweets causes "withdrawal syndrome", even physically you can feel bad. Sweetness affects the dopamine pleasure center, it is important to survive the moment of withdrawal. My addiction secret was simple - to replace a bad habit with a useful one. Nature abhors a vacuum: if you are used to drinking tea with a bun, then this bun should be replaced with something else, for the same berries.

What products can you not imagine your food without?

I was recently in Japan, where historically people eat very few vegetables. So, I caught myself thinking that I was missing this important component of the diet. Even when you order a salad at a restaurant, you get a very small portion of vegetables.

Speaking of travel. After all, they are fraught with a lot of gastronomic temptations, and it is not always possible to find the right products. How do you deal with this?

Let's be honest, restaurant food isn't the best. It can be cooked not from the most healthy or high-quality products, not in the best dishes; in the end, there is no energy supply in it (after all, homemade food is always prepared in a targeted manner, with love). When traveling, I try to order the most familiar dishes for me, the same fish, vegetables, sometimes meat. Since we travel as a family, we like to stay not in a hotel, but in a house, so that we can cook in the kitchen.

Do you cook yourself?

Sometimes by myself, sometimes they help me. My signature is baked goods made from healthy varieties of flour. Recently I have pleased homemade cake made of coconut and almond flour with cream. It was so delicious! I used sucrin as a sweetener, it has 0 calories, sugar and glycemic index, it is absolutely harmless.

How did you come to the keto diet? Are you on it now?

Yes, but I have a slightly modified version, this is target keto. I eat carbohydrates before and after exercise. The keto diet is a great way to improve your health. Ketones are good fuel for our mitochondria, which in turn provide fuel for the body. Large amounts of sugar and glucose damage the walls of the mitochondrial membrane, and because of this, our energy levels drop, and with it our immunity.

I came to this diet for a reason, we are on it with the children, it works well for attention deficit in young fidgets. I see concrete improvements in their studies and their physical activity. I recommend that parents pay attention to this diet, even if not in full form, but at least reduce the level of carbohydrate intake, eat more vegetables and the right proteins, in moderation, of course.

You seem so perfect, but what do you allow yourself of the "forbidden"?

I admit honestly: I am a terrible sweet tooth, but in law. Once every two weeks, I allow myself to eat something sweet. I love honey cake!

How often do you train now?

I do four strength training sessions a week and four cardio workouts, most of the time I combine them together. I like working with weights, doing circuit training. I try to do stretching workouts twice a week, it improves well-being, lymph flow, muscles and joints feel good.

Do you do it on your own or with a coach?

It depends. Of course, it's better with a coach, because you give your best, he forces you to leave your comfort zone.

Do you obey him in everything or are there unloved exercises?

What are you, of course, obeying! For example, I don't like doing 60kg squats. This is a pretty big load, but if you want to have beautiful buttocks, then you will love this exercise.

What drove you when you entered the sport? I remember you wrote on social networks that you decided to return your figure after giving birth.

Right. But over time, the goal has changed. I achieved it, but I stayed in sports, there was an excitement. Today sport is my lifestyle. It gives me energy, gives me joy. Sport is important not only for us, but also for our children. If you want to have healthy babies, be sure to exercise. After all, before everyone moved, spent an active time, and then sat down at home on the couch in front of the TV, and problems with being overweight began

Are you happy with your figure now?

Of course not! (Laughs.) Continuous work on yourself. It's good to have something to work on, right?

How did you get the idea to launch the #pressbody marathon?

I was often asked how I do, what I eat. Once I realized that I needed to summarize all the information and share it. All over the world, people began to unite into whole communities, united by one goal - to bring themselves into perfect shape, to keep themselves in good shape. In the end, we are talking not only about the external component, but also about the internal one: sport has a beneficial effect on health, gives a good mood.

What's always in your makeup bag to get yourself cleaned up quickly?

Powder, foundation and mascara are a base that should always be. You know, I am now carried away by various studies on the anti-aging topic. Scientists are studying the lifestyle of people in the "blue zones", where most of the centenarians. So we are used to thinking that some special serums and creams will save us from premature aging of the skin, or they will invent a magic pill, and we will be forever young. But this is not so! Fitness and a healthy diet reduce the risk of chronic disease by 80%. Highly effective product! You can also do face fitness, which works with muscle blocks and is responsible for natural rejuvenation.

Do you drink beauty vitamins?

Sure. After all, we cannot boast that we get the maximum of nutrients from vegetables and fruits, so it is important to help our body replenish its balance. You need to monitor the level of vitamin D and C, drink omega-3 and coenzyme Q10.

Fitness marathon, book "#pressuitelo" What's next?

Fitness app. (Laughs). Hopefully we will launch it by the New Year. There will be recipes and meal and workout plans depending on the goals and objectives. It will be as personalized as possible.

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