Endocrinologist Explains Why People With Hormonal Diseases Are Dangerous

Endocrinologist Explains Why People With Hormonal Diseases Are Dangerous
Endocrinologist Explains Why People With Hormonal Diseases Are Dangerous

Video: Endocrinologist Explains Why People With Hormonal Diseases Are Dangerous

Video: Endocrinologist Explains Why People With Hormonal Diseases Are Dangerous
Video: Endocrine Disorders 2023, June

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced a decrease in the number of severe patients with COVID-19 in the capital. At the same time, observers note that some citizens who are in self-isolation have increased irritability and anxiety. In addition to social factors, experts see the reason for this in the seasonal exacerbation of hormonal chronic diseases. Doctor of weight loss clinic Dr. Gavrilov, endocrinologist, nutritionist and psychologist Anton Polyakov told Vechernyaya Moskva about what happens in the spring with hormones and named preventive measures for patients:

- Hormonal disruption is a broad concept. Problems with hormones in humans can be due to improper work of the adrenal glands, reproductive system, women also have thyroid diseases. If we talk about the stressful situation related to the pandemic - financial problems and isolation, then most often adrenal hormones make themselves felt. They are responsible for stress adaptation.

The doctor explained that with adrenal disease, insulin sensitivity is impaired. This is expressed in increased appetite and sometimes in an uncontrolled need for food. The dietitian said all of this leads to noticeable weight gain and swelling. Then, as a rule, there are pronounced mood swings.

- You can provoke such a patient into a conflict absolutely unintentionally, seemingly innocent words or actions. His psychological state is altered and he is simply inadequate. The patient's perception of the world is changed, he is immersed in problems, often greatly exaggerated, but in fact, quite solvable, - said the psychologist.

He noted that patients with thyroid inflammation can also experience certain communication problems. Against the background of any protracted events that are perceived as unfavorable, for example, problems with work, finances, being in a closed environment, according to the doctor, stress factors become a "trigger" for any disease, a person begins to "crumble".

The endocrinologist advised people suffering from hormonal diseases to carefully monitor their table - the diet should be balanced. You need to eat at least four times a day, adhere to the regime - this is important.

“It is advisable to eat good quality fats and carbohydrates,” the specialist noted. - Shown are meat, fish, poultry and eggs - only about 300 grams daily, as well as up to half a kilogram of non-starchy vegetables - greens, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes. Cereals and legumes are best avoided.

The expert said that salt supports the adrenal glands, therefore, with hormonal diseases, patients may well eat various pickles, this is useful. He only reminded that the amount of pickles should be reasonable, you should not overeat them, especially at night. The doctor emphasized that food for endocrine problems is prescribed for patients with fat. The body uses fats to make insulin in stressful situations.

- We must not forget about multivitamins. Magnesium, vitamins of groups B and D are important. It is important to keep the drinking regime under control. To relieve stress from the patient and make life easier for his loved ones, I recommend light herbal sedatives, such as valerian and motherwort. They are sold in drops, tablets, and herbs can also be brewed. These drugs are inexpensive, harmless, have a good effect on the nervous system, calm down, - explained the expert.

He advised people not to get excited, try to stay calm, not drink spicy, strong coffee, alcohol, watch less thrillers, give up "horror films", and not put on films about epidemics and disasters. According to the consultant, people in general need to observe information hygiene, listen to calm music and be friendly.

Polyakov also recommends breathing fresh air, at least on the balcony or by ventilating the premises, and subject yourself to reasonable physical exertion, do light physical exercises, and simple yoga exercises.

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