Named Easy Ways To Maintain Mental Health

Named Easy Ways To Maintain Mental Health
Named Easy Ways To Maintain Mental Health

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Video: Mental Health Wellness Tips 2023, February

According to research by American scientists, one in five suffers from mental disorders. It is noted that the coronavirus pandemic has led to a worsening of the situation. Nearly 41% of respondents reported symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.

The National Alliance for Mental Illness recommends sleeping more and monitoring your diet: Eating foods high in sugar and caffeine can seriously affect mood. Experts also advise spending more time outdoors, preferably walking with friends and family, CNN reports.

In addition, it is worth limiting the time spent in front of the screen. Increasingly, therapists are finding a link between overuse of gadgets and depression and anxiety. Instead, it is better to do sports, such as something soothing like yoga or dancing.

Earlier, "Profile" wrote about the most vulnerable group of the population from depression. According to doctors, numerous changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, such as isolation, spending more time at home, social distancing and caring for the health of loved ones, can exacerbate pre-existing stressors of pregnancy and the onset of motherhood, causing depression and an increase in anxiety.

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