Living Stories: "Friends Are Shocked By Such A Transformation"

Living Stories: "Friends Are Shocked By Such A Transformation"
Living Stories: "Friends Are Shocked By Such A Transformation"

Video: Living Stories: "Friends Are Shocked By Such A Transformation"

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As part of the special project "One Hundred Days to the Beach" continues to publish real stories of our readers about how their lives changed after the decision to take up themselves thoroughly

“As far back as I can remember, I have always been dissatisfied with my figure, we had a kind of food cult in our family, the tables were full of food day and night. What to say, of course, from such a way of life we ​​were all plump.

In middle school, I managed to lose 15 kilograms due to starvation, for a week and a half I drank only water and rarely got out of bed, since I didn't have much strength. I tried to keep the result obtained with such work, and for several months I succeeded, but during the summer holidays we went on vacation. And there, in three weeks, I collected everything that I so diligently threw off. But I didn't lose weight again, because the final exams were approaching and there was no time for that. Instead, I took this bad weight loss experience and drew conclusions.

My transformation began anew when I entered the first year of the institute. I was unhappy with my figure, so as soon as I got used to a new place, I began to lose weight. To begin with, based on previous experience, I decided to learn more about proper nutrition. Books and videos on the Web helped me with this. Due to fasting, I lost a lot of muscle mass, my body became flabby, and my skin lost its elasticity, so I decided to include sports in my weight loss program. I signed up for a fitness club near my home and started acting.

My diet was mostly protein, which is essential for losing weight and exercising to strengthen my muscles. I also ate a lot of fresh vegetables, they are rich in fiber, which improves digestion and reduces appetite. I also limited my calorie intake - no more than 1200 kcal per day. I was not strong in sports, so I took several sessions with a trainer to put together a personal training session. I went to the gym 3 times a week.

The result for the first month surprised me, it took 4 kilograms, and the body changed a lot, the skin became more elastic, and the figure began to look more feminine, the waist appeared, the collarbones became visible. Thus, I lost weight for another three months and lost another 6 kilograms. The weight began to go away more slowly, but it did not bother me, because I saw the result. Sometimes I was frustrated, because the diet is a diet, but there are birthdays and holidays - it's always difficult to limit yourself. In such moments, fasting days helped me.

From my own experience, I was convinced that it is very important to be able to maintain motivation throughout the entire weight loss, because it happens that a person achieves insignificant results, rejoices and breaks down - so much so that he can no longer go on a diet again. At such moments, motivational publics and groups help. The Internet is full of all kinds of communities where people share their experience of losing weight, and if something does not work out, the weight has risen or there are questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments, people who have gone this way will be happy to answer your question.

As a result of this lifestyle, in a year I managed to lose 20 kg, my body began to look completely different than when I was starving. It has become firmer and more curvy. Having built up my muscle mass, I became more resilient. Previously, I could not stand long walks, but now for me they are only a joy. My attitude towards myself has also changed, I have become more confident and decisive, there is no end to the guys. Friends are simply shocked by such a transformation, they constantly compliment me. I realized that nothing is impossible for me, and a good figure is a reality, the main thing is just to want it! " - said Inna from Krasnogorsk.

If you also want to share your transformation story, send it to our mail: [email protected] We will publish the most interesting stories on our website and reward them with a pleasant motivating gift.

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