5 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

5 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Acne
5 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Video: 5 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Video: 5 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Acne
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Pimple is the popular name for an inflammatory element on the skin, which can manifest itself as a red bump, infiltration, or abscess. The causes of acne are very different: heredity, bad habits, stress, unhealthy diet, excess sebum secretion, hyperkeratosis and the bacteria Propionibacteriacne. Of course, in order to understand exactly what the root of the problem is, you should definitely look at the endocrinologist and dermatologist. You may have to radically change your lifestyle or refuse any products. But if there are no serious pathologies in your body, feel free to use our life hacks.

Mechanical face cleansing

This is a rather painful procedure that must be carried out in a good salon with a professional beautician. The doctor, using special tools and pre-steaming the skin, will squeeze out acne and blackheads, and then apply masks or other care products. This procedure quickly solves the problem, but after it, redness remains on the face for some time, so it is better to go home from the beautician's office, and not on a date. Mechanical cleaning is contraindicated for people with thin skin, since blood vessels can appear on it from physical and thermal effects.

Plasma therapy

Facial plasma therapy is aimed at cellular rejuvenation of the skin by introducing its own platelet-rich plasma into it. In addition to rejuvenation, the procedure has a lifting effect, treats acne, and reduces dark circles under the eyes. A plasma therapy session lasts about half an hour: blood is taken from a vein from the patient, and then intradermal injections are performed. 3-14 days before the procedure, you need to follow a diet, excluding fried, spicy, smoked, salty, coffee, alcohol from the diet.

Shungite is a black mineral that slightly resembles coal, but has amazing properties. Daily washing with shungite water smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity, and gives it a healthy youthful look. This simple procedure, if done regularly, helps to get rid of acne and inflammation, relieves flaking, redness, and evens out the tone of the face. There are no contraindications to it, but you can buy shungite at any pharmacy.

Acne laser treatment

The newest word in medical laser technology is the alexandrite-neodymium laser. This device is highly advanced and does not cause side effects. The procedure is as follows: the laser beam approaches the skin at a wavelength that can effectively treat the desired area. The patient feels only a faint tingling sensation. As a rule, the duration of one session is no more than ten minutes. Sometimes the results of laser therapy are noticeable on the face immediately after the first one. However, the procedure can only be done after consulting a doctor, since it does not allow getting rid of all types of acne.

More than eight inflammatory elements that appear on the skin at the same time already require treatment. However, it should be prescribed by a dermatologist or cosmetologist, and in each case everything is individual. In order to find out the potential causes of acne, look also at the office of a gynecologist, gastroenterologist, or dentist.

There are several types of therapy: systemic, that is, ingestion of drugs based on retinoic acid, or external, that is, taking vitamins or dietary supplements. The main pathogenetically substantiated substance in the treatment of acne is retinol and its derivatives, for example, retinoic acid. They are very effective, but contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Also, systemic retinoids are contraindicated in liver pathology. The doctor may limit the use of retinol and peels based on it in the summer.

Do not forget about home care: daily cleansing, deep cleansing once or twice a week, using cosmetics only according to the type and needs of the skin.

However, the most effective method for treating acne is a new generation of peels. The best solution is tailor-made salon treatments such as the iSystem system care. It is based on the combined action of chemical peels and bioactive concentrates that protect, nourish and moisturize the skin.

What is important, the composition is prepared individually for each client. From the formulas presented in the iSystem, exactly those drugs are selected, in the proportion and concentration that are necessary to solve a specific problem. Therefore, the impact is most effective. In the case of acne and post-acne manifestations, iSystem care not only corrects inflammation, but also removes traces of the previously arisen: skin color and microrelief are leveled, it becomes soft, smooth and gains a radiant effect from the inside.

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