Healthy lifestyle 2023, December

Media: About 50 Thousand British Military Personnel Are Obese And Overweight

LONDON, October 14. / TASS /. About 50,000 British Armed Forces personnel are overweight or obese

Tokens Started To Be Disinfected In The St. Petersburg Metro

During the day in Moscow, another 77 people died due to the coronavirus. Such data is reported by the operational headquarters. In total, the pandemic has claimed more than 45 thousand lives in Russia. The capital continues to lead in the number of

In The Flagship Of The South-Western Administrative District, A Diagnostic Robot Will Help Check Health

Medical diagnostics in the flagship of the South-Western Administrative District is becoming more and more popular among residents of the Gagarinsky District. Here, a diagnostic robot will measure blood pressure, glucose and oxygen levels, and give recommendations

In The Polyclinic On Muranovskaya You Can Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus From 8.00 To 20.00

We have already reported that in the 2nd branch of the diagnostic center No. 5 on Muranovskaya street there is a vaccination point against coronavirus. The other day there was a correspondent for the newspaper "Zvezdny Boulevard" and

One Of The Worst Scenarios For The Spread Of Coronavirus Named

Coronavirus can become a natural focal infection, spreading among domestic and farm animals. This assumption was made on October 21 by the director of the National

Scientist Named Serious Diseases That Can Cause COVID-19

Postponed coronavirus infection can provoke conditions such as systemic lupus erythematosus, autoimmune thrombocytopenia, Guillain-Barré syndrome, vasculitis and even multiple sclerosis

Infectionist Told How Long It Will Take To Recover From COVID-19

MOSCOW, October 21 - RIA Novosti. Recovery after a mild coronavirus will take up to a month, in a severe one, possibly up to six months, the chief freelance specialist told RIA Novosti

Experts: Traffic Of Moscow Fitness Clubs Is Declining Due To Fear Of A Second Wave Of Pandemic

MOSCOW, October 22. / TASS /. Visits to fitness clubs will decline by 20-40% by the end of 2020 due to customer safety concerns, the Association of Fitness Industry Operators (AOFI) told TASS. By

Doctors Have Named 7 Dangerous Symptoms Of A Heart Attack In Women

Taking care of the family, women often ignore the "first bells" of a dangerous condition, thereby driving themselves into a trap

Elderly Residents Of Babushkinsky District Continue Physical Education In The Fitness Center

In the fitness center on Dezhneva, 23, general physical fitness classes are held within the framework of the Moscow Longevity project. This is reported in the shopping center "Babushkinskiy"

Hot Flashes Can Be Harbingers Of Dangerous Ailments

Feeling the heat rolling now and then, increased sweating is not very pleasant

The Woman Gave Up Fast Food And Lost 70 Kilograms

35-year-old Angela Gerzanics from Michigan, USA, lost 70 kilograms after giving up fast food and sugary drinks. Reported by the Daily Mail

Doctors Dispel Breast Cancer Myths

Oncologist dispels popular myths about breast cancer

Nutrition Affects Recovery From Heart Surgery

Nutritional deficiency is a deficiency of macro- (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins, provitamins, various minerals, etc.) necessary for the body to maintain normal

Can Face Fitness Prolong The Youthfulness Of The Face?

Face fitness has literally taken over the capital today. Women 25 and older work hard to pump up facial muscles to look younger

New OSAGO Rules Threaten Payments For Insurers

MOSCOW, Dec 8 - PRIME. Car owners who insured their vehicles under OSAGO in the first "wave" of the pandemic run the risk of being left without payments for insured events. The reason for this will be

We Slept Less. Somnologist On How To Properly Observe The Rest Regime

A person spends a third of his life in a dream. And this does not mean that wasting time on vacation is wasting it

10 New Super Effective Face Masks

ContentCream mask (cream mask) Dry maskGel maskHydrogel maskPlasticizing maskAlginate maskMagnetic maskPeeling maskOxygen maskSplash mask More recently masks for

Scientists Have Named A Diet That Does Not Lose Its Effectiveness

Scientists have called a diet that always remains effective

How To Build Beautiful Buttocks And Hips At Home?

Beautiful hips and firm buttocks are every woman's dream. Many people often think about how to pump up the buttocks at home

Volgograd Residents Explained How To Relieve A Headache Without Pills

Headaches can disrupt plans and spoil your mood for the whole day. However, do not rush to get medicines - there are several more ways to get rid of discomfort without using

Scientists Have Found The Secret Of Longevity In Cocoa

Cocoa can prolong life, prevent the development of cardiovascular disease and keep the brain in good shape. What exactly affects the reduction in life expectancy? Income level? Life

Krasnoyarsk Citizens Began To Receive Free Medicines For The Treatment Of COVID-19

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis in a polyclinic who are being treated at home began to receive free medicines. The course of drugs prescribed by a doctor

Komarovsky Told How To Protect Yourself From A Severe Form Of Coronavirus

According to the specialist, the likelihood of contracting a coronavirus and the severity of the disease directly depend on the dose of the virus that has entered the body. He stressed that most often people get infected in crowded

COVID-19 Recovery Plan Begins To Develop In The Fitness Community

Exercise recovery from COVID-19 should not be overlooked, supported and motivated by professionals. This was announced by the President of the National Fitness Society

First Case Of Hantavirus Detected In Lviv

Doctors recorded the first case of human infection with hantavirus in Lviv. This was stated by the chief sanitary doctor of the Lviv region Natalia Timko. A man came to the hospital complaining of

The Doctor Analyzed Manukyan's Injury After Breaking Up With Buzova

Blogger and former lover of Olga Buzovoy David Manukyan became a member of the "Dancing with the Stars" project on the "second button". Recently it became known that David received a hand injury during a rehearsal

Figured Out How To Spot Health Problems With Nails

“When it's a sign of heart disease, people tend to have symptoms like high fever and weak or irregular heartbeats,” the scientists explained. Also, under the nail plate

To The Teeth: How Vladikavkaz Dentists Treat Highlanders For Free

The streets of the mountain village of Verkhnyaya Saniba are not crowded on Sunday. Without urgent need, the villagers try not to go beyond the threshold: they were frightened by the unusually severe frosts. Revitalization only

The Expert Dispels The Myth About The Benefits Of Garlic And Onions During A Pandemic

Lemon, garlic, onion and ascorbic acid will not help to dramatically strengthen the immune system, said a consultant on laboratory medicine at the Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor

Communists In Nizhny Novgorod Propose To Create A Reserve Of Medicines In Pharmacies

Members of the Communist Party faction in the Legislative Assembly proposed to organize an irreducible stock of drugs in pharmacies in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The press service of the regional

Bondarenko: Zhirinovsky And Others Like Him Will Be Sent To The Dustbin Of History

Deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma from the Communist Party faction Nikolai Bondarenko said that calls to ban all left-wing patriotic forces, and to the Communist Party deputies to resign and go out into the street, are heard from

Anastasia Tarasova Boasted Of Losing Weight And Perfect Abs: "Not A Bodybuilder, But No More."

The wife of football player Dmitry Tarasov admitted that she was pleased with her responsive body. Anastasia Tarasova quickly got into shape after the second birth. She and her husband Dmitry regularly studied

On The Basis Of The Fitness Center In The Yuzhnoportovy District, Classes Are Held For The Older Generation

In the area "Yuzhnoportovy" on the basis of the fitness club "G-fitness" classes in the direction of "healthy back" for the participants of the "Moscow Longevity" project continue. - The spine is the core of the body

What Kind Of Simulators Should A Beginner Be Wary Of?

Uncontrolled exercises on the first simulator that comes across will not bring any benefit to the body, and with a high probability it can lead to serious injury

Spanish Scientists Reveal A Lack Of Vitamin D In Patients With Coronavirus

Spanish specialists conducted a study of patients with coronavirus and found that the majority (82%) of them were deficient in vitamin D, reports The Journal of Clinical

The Deputy Proposed To Issue A "first Aid Kit" To Patients With COVID-19, Treated At Home

MOSCOW, October 28 - RIA Novosti. Patients with coronavirus who are treated on an outpatient basis should receive a free "first aid kit" with antiviral drugs and vitamins C and D, the member of the committee said

Plus-size Model Complains Of Choking Due To Large Breasts

Croatian plus-size model complained of regular attacks of suffocation due to her large breasts. Reported by the Daily Star

Scientists Explain The Benefits Of Sports In The Fight Against Cancer

Information appeared on the network, according to which scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden were able to explain the benefits of an active lifestyle and sports in the fight against cancer. For experts, it's been a long time since

Russian Women Warned About The Danger Of Pregnancy After Coronavirus

After coronavirus, it is dangerous to become pregnant, because drugs are used to treat it that can affect embryonic cells and the reproductive system. About this Russian women