Lifestyle 2023, December

Why Aren't Your Hands Getting Stronger?

Do you want to create perfect hands, but your efforts are getting nowhere?

How To Eat Right To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

There are regions where historically a high incidence of this or that type of oncology is recorded. For example, the statistics for stomach cancer are very high in China and low in North America. AND

Fashion Trend: Who Is Contraindicated For Intermittent Fasting

Today, more and more people are practicing intermittent fasting. Today it is a fashionable trend, however, it is not suitable for everyone. Who is better to give up such a food scheme, he said on his Instagram

Sverdlovsk Hospitals Will Begin To Return Scheduled Appointments From Next Week

Sverdlovsk hospitals next week will begin to return planned medical care suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Vice-Governor Pavel Krekov announced this today. "The last days

Nutritionist: "Intermittent Fasting Is Not Suitable For Women"

In recent years, the so-called intermittent fasting (IH) method has gained extraordinary popularity. With its help, stars, fitness models and other media persons lose weight

How To Become A Popular Fitness Blogger? Interview With Tanya TGYM

How to achieve success, develop a channel to 1.5 million subscribers and earn money on your own training? Tatiana Fedorishcheva, better known to fitness lovers as Tanya TGYM, is the founder of one

Intermittent Fasting 16/8 For Women Over 45

Intermittent fasting 16/8 for women refers to the options for proper nutrition, we will learn how to use this technique for women after 45 years

4 Mistakes When Measuring Basal Temperature That Interfere With Conception

An incorrect measurement will complicate pregnancy planning. Basal temperature in women changes during the menstrual cycle due to the effect of the hormone progesterone on the hypothalamus (more precisely, on

Recovery After Cesarean Section: What You Need To Know And What To Prepare For

We tell you what is important to know for women who have undergone surgery. The recovery period after a cesarean section has its own characteristics. Candidate of medical sciences tells about them. Ekaterina Vasilievna

Russian Doctor Called Dangerous Symptoms In Pregnant Women, When You Urgently Need To See A Doctor

There are 7 dangerous signs. During pregnancy, in addition to the obvious signs that you need to see a doctor, there are also non-obvious ones. Candidate of Medical Sciences told Letidoru about them. Ekaterina Vasilievna

Instead Of A "simulator". How To Keep Fit In The Summer

Recently, gyms have been experiencing a real influx of clients who want to keep themselves in good physical shape

How To Relieve A Headache In 10 Seconds?

Headache is often the result of a tense chewing muscle that connects the cheekbone and jaw. Some people who are under stress clench their jaw in such a way that it strains

How Do You Get A Good View While Driving?

One of the basic principles of safe driving is good visibility for the driver. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right wiper blades. Globally, they can be divided into three types: The first is

How Many Times A Year Can You Donate Blood?

You can donate blood for tests during routine preventive examinations with a doctor, lying in a hospital or voluntarily applying to medical institutions without any restrictions

8 Health Benefits Of Quality Sex

As you know, sex has a beneficial effect on the general well-being of a person. However, high-quality regular sex has special benefits. 1. Sex helps you lose weight You don't have time for

After The Appearance Of The Baby, The Mother May Have Sexual Problems

Attention: looking for libido after childbirth "Lost attraction", "how to want your partner again after childbirth" - hundreds of thousands of women are looking for answers to these questions on the Internet

How To Learn To Pull Up? Exercises For All Skill Levels And The Correct Pull-up Technique

If you cannot pull up even once, you do not need to add swing and jerks, trying to do at least somehow. Jerking can cause injury. Primarily the shoulder joint

Why Is It Dangerous To Wipe Off With Snow After A Bath

Now it is difficult to establish at what specific stage the tradition arose to wipe off with snow immediately after being in a steam room, when the body is still hot, and the pores are as open as possible

Gazinsky's Mother Told How Her Son Faced Crime In The 90s

Antonina Gazinskaya, mother of Krasnodar and the Russian national team Yuri Gazinsky, told how her son faced crime in the 90s. “Look. The teacher calls me

Vladimir Chernikov: “Amid Falling Rates And High Volatility, All Clients Feel The Need For Comprehensive Insurance Coverage”

General Director of Ingosstrakh-Life Vladimir Chernikov spoke about the results of 2020, forecasts for the future, trends and new products that will soon enter the market

COVID-19: Penza Residents Were Told About Contraindications To Vaccination

The Ministry of Health of the Penza region told about contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus infection. According to the latest recommendations of specialists, the vaccine can be done

The Situation With The Coronavirus In Russia And The World. The Main Thing

In 2021, the whole world continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, a large-scale coronavirus vaccination program was launched in the Russian Federation and, in particular, in Moscow. Who and how can

Just One Exercise To Burn Fat And Correct Posture

It's never too late to start getting ready for the open-season swimwear season. And in order for the preparation to go as quickly as possible, it is best to choose one of the most effective exercise, and the result will not force itself

Do 50 Burpees A Day, And In A Month, Not Only Your Body Will Be Transformed. Muscle And Willpower Challenge To Make You Better

A challenge for muscles and willpower that will make you better. Journalist Anna Quinlan responded to an Instagram burpe challenge and did 50 repetitions of the exercise for 30 days

A Beautiful Body Without A Gym Is Real

Bodybuilders and fitness girls will snort together when they hear about a pumped up and dried body without exercise with weight. But embossed calisthenics lovers prove that you can achieve this without a barbell and simulators

I Am A Hormone Expert. And This Is What I Say To Those Who Want To Lose Weight! The Reason Is In Them

I am a hormone expert. And this is what I say to those who want to lose weight

9 Tricks To Regain Your 5-year-old Vision. I Even Gave Up Glasses

Basic medical science law for muscles is, "If you don't use them, they will become weak." This is usually what happens with the eyes: you look at the monitor most of the day

Brown Fat: How Babies Survive Where An Adult Dies

Newborn babies seem to be very fragile and defenseless. In many ways it is. However, even one-day-old babies have one advantage over any adult

Doctors Announced The Rules Of The New Year's Feast

According to them, making a festive feast less harmful is not so difficult

How Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays

On New Years Eve, many women will think about how not to gain excess weight

How To Survive A New Year's Feast Without Harming Your Figure

Nutritionists told how to make New Year's dinner safe

Ginger Tincture, Cereals And Work: How To Get Back To Life After A Long Weekend

Returning to your usual work rhythm after long holidays is sometimes very difficult - both physically and mentally

Scientists Have Chosen The World's Best Diet

Experts from the U.S. News and World Report has chosen the best diet out of 38 recognized in the United States. This was reported on the website of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

General Practitioner Evgeny Ananiev Told How To Help The Body In Winter

He explained how to protect yourself from seasonal illnesses and cope with malaise if you could not avoid them

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

It is not easy to regain your figure after childbirth, but it is still possible

Best Upper Body Exercises

The first two exercises are for warm-up, the basic part of the workout consists of four exercises. Do the complex every day to strengthen your back and shoulder girdle

Renata Litvinova Fights Coronavirus With Rose Hips

In Russia, the issue of the coronavirus pandemic is still relevant. Very soon, an antiviral vaccine of domestic and foreign production will appear among the broad masses, but for now the Russians are fighting

Chinese Doctor Named The Most Dangerous Sleeping Positions

Convenient doesn't mean good for your health. Liu Chun, an employee of the Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital, told about the impact of posture during sleep on a person's well-being

Nutritionist Predicted Health Problems To Fadeev, Who Lost 100 Kilograms

Nutritionist Inna Kononenko questioned the effectiveness of the method by which producer Maxim Fadeev lost 100 kilograms of weight, and predicted health problems for him

The Doctor Told Why Russians Are More Likely To Get Skin Cancer

According to Vladislav Sarzhevsky, deputy chief physician of the Pirogov Oncology Center, an increase in the incidence of skin cancer has been recorded in Russia